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Investing in Türk Telekom

An integrated multi-pass fiber optic network was installed between the Middle East, Southern Asia and the Far East as a result of the JADI LINK project signed on 16th June 2010, where the name derives from the initials of the following cities; Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Amman (Jordan), Damascus (Syria) and Istanbul (Turkey). The JADI LINK passes through Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia respectively, making use of existing fiber optic infrastructures in those countries.

Overland alternative on the way for submarine lines in the Mediterranean and Red Sea Corridors

In intercontinental internet, data and voice transmission JADI LINK is the second most significant connection corridor to be linked to the USA by submarine fiber optic cable systems starting from Singapore, Japan and India, following the Indian Ocean-Red Sea-Suez Canal-Mediterranean route and ending in Italy, France, Spain and the UK. The terrestrial fiber optic network enables the meeting of increasing demand for international data and internet services in the said region by providing a safe and robust alternative to the cable systems that already pass through the Mediterranean-Red Sea corridor sea basin where three major fault lines exist and where as a result, earthquakes and tremors have often been suffered.

Total 2,530 km fiber optic line length

JADI LINK covers a total of 2,530 kilometers of fiber optic line. The distribution of this by country is given in the below:

  • Turkey: 770 km
  • Syria: 480 km
  • Jordan: 360 km
  • Saudi Arabia: 920 km

JADI LINK has 200 Gbps data and voice transmission capacity

Under the signed agreement, Türk Telekom, Saudi Telecom (STC- Saudi Telecom Company), Syrian Telecom (STE- Syrian Telecommunication Establishment) and Jordan Telecom (JTG- Jordan Telecom Group) have completed the necessary physical connections on the national main fiber optic backbones within their borders and made a 200 Gbps capacity expansion to their systems in order to realize the project.

The first data service between JADI LINK Jeddah and Frankfurt was executed in the second week of June. A total 200 Gbps of data and voice transmission capacity was put into service in the third quarter of 2010.


  • Provides a completely terrestrial, unique and short route as an alternative to the Mediterranean and Red Sea corridors,
  • Meets the rapid increase in demand for intercontinental data and IP services,
  • Provides additional capacity from Istanbul to Europe and beyond, and from Jeddah to the Southern Asia and beyond,
  • Offers high quality and faster service,
  • Reduces the disruption risks caused by submarine cable systems,
  • For the project, the existing fiber optic infrastructures of participating countries are used.

Türk Telekom, in the frame of JADI LINK

Türk Telekom has recently signed an agreement with Invitel Holdings A/S to acquire 100% of Invitel International, one of the world's leading independent wholesale data and capacity service providers, for a consideration of 221 million Euros. Having paid approximately 197 million Euros for that purchase, Türk Telekom has acquired Invitel International's 27 thousand kilometer fiber-optic infrastructure passing from 40 central destinations in 16 countries in Central and Southeastern Europe. The name of the company was changed to “Pantel International” following acquisition by Türk Telekom.

Turkey is becoming a terrestrial voice and data bridge between the Middle East and Europe

The acquisition of Pantel International is crucial as the JADI LINK project in terms of Turkey's becoming a terrestrial voice and data bridge between the Middle East and Europe. From the standpoint of Türk Telekom, this represents a bold step towards entering the European, and beyond that, the global market. With a unique position as a geographical “hub”, Türk Telekom has further strengthened its relationships with international data and broadband customers, attaching critical importance to getting reliable end-to-end services.

Pantel International has activities in 16 countries including Austria, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Serbia and Turkey. Prominent telecommunication companies and internet service providers of the world besides many significant cable TV servers from the EU and USA are among the customers to which our Company provides service. Eighty percent of the fiber optic lines are either owned by the Company, or else dependent on long-term IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use) agreements.

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