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Company Guidance

Guidance Revision for 2019 Consolidated Financial Results

Our company has decided to revise its 2019 guidance based on the results and strong operational profitability in the first nine months of 2019.

Accordingly, under current circumstances, guidance for 2019 is as below:

  • Consolidated revenue growth (excluding IFRIC 12) to be around 15% over 2018
  • Consolidated EBITDA to be around TL 11.0 billion
  • Consolidated CAPEX to be around TL 4.8 billion

Previous Guidance Revised Guidance
Consolidated Revenue Growth (excluding IFRIC 12) Around 15% - 16% Around 15%
Consolidated EBITDA TL 10.3 billion - TL 10.5 billion Around TL 11.0 billion
Consolidated CAPEX Around TL 4.6 billion - TL 4.8 billion Around TL 4.8 billion
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