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Fact Sheet

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Türk Telekom Group is Turkey’s world-class, integrated telecommunication and technology services provider offering its customers the complete range of mobile, broadband, data, TV and fixed voice services as well as innovative convergence technologies under the unified “Türk Telekom” brand. Turkey is one of the largest telecom markets in EMEA region with over 80 mn growing population and increasing number of households.

Overview of Türk Telekom

  • Türk Telekom was privatized in 2005 and IPO’ed in 2008; underwent a successful transformation resulting in increased efficiency and enlarged service scope
  • Unification of mobile, broadband, TV and fixed voice brands under single Türk Telekom brand with a customer oriented and integrated structure
  • Strong portfolio of subsidiaries, all well positioned to provide equity value both via supporting core businesses and via third party sales
  • Covering 81 cities of Türk Telekom with its 274K km fiber network

Financial and Operational Highlights

  • Consolidated Revenue increased to TL 5.4 bn, up by 19% YoY, the highest topline growth since IPO. Excluding IFRIC 12 revenue, consolidated revenue growth was at 17% YoY.
  • Consolidated EBITDA grew 34% YoY to TL 2.3 bn with a strong EBITDA margin of 42%. Growth in operating profit also accelerated to 34% YoY.
  • Net loss was TL 2.8 bn in Q3’18 due to unfavorable FX movements in the quarter. On the other hand, excluding FX & FX Hedging impacts, net income was at TL 1.0 bn.
  • Total number of Türk Telekom subscribers reached 44.7 mn with 1.2 mn net additions in Q3’18. Annual growth in subscriber base accelerated from 5.1% in Q3’17 to 10.4% in Q3’18 – the highest annual growth rate since IPO.


Revenue Breakdown (2017 Q4)

Note: Turkish Wealth Fund has 1.68% share in free float

2018 Guidance

  • Around 13% Revenue growth*
  • TL 8.0 bn - TL 8.2 bn EBITDA levels
  • Around TL 4.2 bn CAPEX

* Excluding IFRIC 12

Türk Telekom adopted IFRS 15 and IFRS 9 accounting standards starting from 1 January 2018. For further details please refer to “Financial Footnotes” & “Summary Financial and Operational xls” on our web site.

Revenue Breakdown (2018 Q2)

Revenue Breakdown (2017 Q4) 

Group Structure

Group Structure 

While Türk Telekom unified mobile, fixed voice, fixed broadband and TV brands under single “Türk Telekom” brand, TTNET A.S., and TT Mobil İletisim Hizmetleri A.S. legal entities remain intact

Fixed Broadband

Fixed Broadband 


Mobile Performance 



Fixed Voice

Fixed Voice 

Revenue Performance (TL mn)

Financial Performance 

Summary Financials

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