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Summary Financials

Consolidated Summary P&L Statement
TL millions 2017 Q1 2017 Q2
Revenues 4,307 4,501
EBITDA 1,528 1,712
Margin 35% 38%
Operating Profit (a) 807 939
Margin 19% 21%
Financial Income/Expense, net(b) -622 249
FX & Hedging Gain/Loss, net -509 339
Interest Income/Expense, net -76 -85
Other Financial Income/Expense, net -37 -6
Tax Expense -119 -298
Profit 66 890
Margin 2% 20%

(a) Operating profit includes revenues, cost of sales, depreciation and amortization, selling and marketing expenses, administrative expenses, other operating income/(expense), and income/(expense) from investing activities, but excludes financial income/(expenses) presented in other operating income/(expenses) (i.e. FX gain/(loss), interest income /(expenses), and discount income/(expense) on receivables and payables), income on unconsolidated subsidiaries, and minority interest. Reported operating profit on CMB financial statements is different due to reclassification requirements of the POA/CMB since 2013 Q3 financial statements.

(b) Net financial income/(expense) includes financial income/(expense) and FX gain/(loss), interest income /(expenses), discount income/(expense) on receivables and payables excluding financial borrowings which are presented in other operating income/(expenses). Net financial income/(expense) on CMB financial statements is different due to reclassification requirements of the POA/CMB since 2013 Q3 financial statements.

Consolidated Summary Balance Sheet
TL millions 2017 Q1 2017 Q2
Intangible Assets (a)  8,480 8,252
Tangible Assets (b)  8,313 8,358
Other Assets (c) 7,273 7,000
Cash and Equivalents 2,636 2,123
Total Assets 26,702 25,733
Share capital 3,260 3,260
Reserves, Retained Earnings and Other Equity Items 211 1084
Interest Bearing Liabilities (d) 15,594 14,754
Provision for Employee Termination Benefits 637 651
Other Liabilities (e) (f) 7,000 5,983
Total Equity and Liabilities 26,702 25,733

(a) Intangible assets excluding goodwill

(b) Tangible assets include property, plant and equipment and investment property.

(c) Major items within Other Assets are Trade Receivables,Due from Related Parties, Other Current Assets and Deferred Tax Asset.

(d) Includes short-term and long-term borrowing and short-term and long-term obligations under finance leases

(e) Major items within Other Liabilities are Deferred Tax Liability, Trade Payables, Provisions, Income Tax Payable, Due to Related Parties, Other Current Liabilities,Provisions for Employee Termination Benefits and Minority Put Option Liability

(f) As of Q3'15, minority put option liability was terminated due to the acqusition of minority shares of Avea.

Consolidated Summary Cash Flow Statement
TL millions 2017 Q1 2017 Q2
Cash Flow from Operating Activities 429 1500
Cash Flow from Investing Activities -615 -1417
CAPEX -442 -1450
Other Investing Activities -173 32
Cash Flow from Financing Activities (a) -184 -581
Net Change in Cash Position (b) -370 -498

*Cash flow statements include a reclassification described in Q1'16 CMB report (note 2.2). The reclassification is applied retrospectively back to Q1'14.

(a) Includes currency translation differences

(b) Blocked deposits are included in operating activities rather than net cash position​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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