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Sustainability in Business Processes

Sustainability in Business Processes

Well aware of the social and environmental impact of its high level of energy consumption, Türk Telekom attach importance to undertake investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to use natural resources efficiently, to extend the use of renewables, and to minimize adverse impacts on nature.

By using solar and wind energy, the company is able to make carbon savings. In order to boost energy efficiency and reliability, the company replaces less efficient DC energy equipment with high efficiency models. Similarly, with central transformation/FiberkenTT project, central with low energy efficiency are replaced with next-generation centrals and outdoor equipment with high-energy efficiency.

Türk Telekom reduces carbon emissions by replacing air conditioners in system rooms with next generation Free-Cooling air conditioning units with low energy consumption. The Smart Metering Project enables the Company to monitor energy consumption in detail, and when necessary, in real time. In addition, services formerly running on older generation systems unavailable for technical support and maintenance were transferred onto next-generation transmission systems. The results of this modification were improvements at the maintenance facility, energy savings, hall upgrades and increased service quality.

Türk Telekom adopted a waste management policy which requires segregating wastes and cooperating with licensed disposal and recycling facilities to eliminate hazardous waste and recycling electrical and electronic waste at the end of products useful life.​​

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