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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety

At Türk Telekom, having the Turkey's largest human resources, we are dealing with innovative health and safety issues as an indication of the care we show to our employees, we are dealing with the environment as an indication of importance we give to the world we live in.

As being the Türk Telekom Group we have adopted a proactive and productive Health, Safety and Environmental Management (HSEM), unlike traditional approaches we accept health, safety and environment as a process in constant motion not a goal to be concluded, all parties assumed it as a task, it is a cultural and learning journey that our employees contribute to the solution. So that we have a investments management awareness of putting people and the environment in the centre of the company.

Being aware of HSEM is a part of all our processes Safety and Environmental Group Management and Health Services Management was established within Facility Management Directorate under Human Resources, Regulation and Support Assistant General Manager.

Safety and Environment Group Management have the below responsibilities;

  • Sharing of good practices with relevant institutions and organizations related with the promotion of safety culture,
  • Encouraging 7 Safe Steps Project entire the company, to take under control for the hazards and risks arising from the hazards and manage to increase the number of preventable injuries
  • Efforts to create a healthy and safe work environment for the prevention of occupational accidents,
  • Safety and Environment training activities,
  • Health care works,
  • ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification activities,
  • Risk Assessment and Environmental Impact Assessment and studies,
  • Studies on waste recycling and management,
  • Carbon Disclosure Project studies,
  • Activities aimed at raising environmental awareness,

Are carried out.

Dissemination of Occupational Health and Safety Culture

Occupational health and safety is defined as the protection of employees from the hazards that may arise the risks of harm to health, and the provision of a better working environment. In this context, Türk Telekom carried out many projects to prevent work accidents and for its employees to continue to work in safe and healthy conditions. In addition to these projects acceptance of occupational safety as a value of the company culture, contribution of all of its employees to occupational safety activities are important with regard to sustainability of consisted safe working environment.

7 Safe Steps Project started in line with this purpose describes the remarkable areas in our working environment.

"Respect to the Safety Rules, Take a Safe Steps for Future" is the slogan of the campaign, "7 Safe Steps" is built on the matters listed below;

  • Risk Management
  • Safe Work at Height
  • Safe Work in a Confined Space
  • Safe Work with Electricity
  • Road Traffic Safety
  • Safe Use of Equipments
  • Personnel Protective Equipments

Occupational Health and Safety Trainings

Health and safety training in title with risks faced by employees, the necessary precautions, legal rights and responsibilities and environmental issues are given.

In this context, Türk Telekom Health and Safety School was structured, within the Academy and Internal Communication Directorate and the comprehensive program is performed in order to give the trainings that employees need to have.

The implementations are performed regarding experiential learning with the purpose of creating behavior change in the employees as a result of participation in health and safety trainings. One of the implementation is work at height virtual reality experience program which aims to evoke a feeling of work at height before climbing R/L tower. In 2016, this implementation has been awarded by The Stevie Awards for Great Employers for Gold Medal in the field of occupational health and safety.

Incident Management

Base of the strength of Turk Telekom is constituted of the ownership of experienced human resources. Any investment in this resource will add value to Türk Telekom, no doubt.

At the same time being aware of having the responsibility of health and safety of its suppliers, business partners, trainees and customers, Türk Telekom record and evaluate all near miss cases in order to prevent the occurrence of work place accidents. By including the reporting and evaluation of unsafe conditions and unsafe acts to this system, proactive safety management has been adopted.

Site Audits

Türk Telekom Group constantly check its activities in order to detect the unsafe conditions/acts. By determining those unsafe situations Türk Telekom aims to protect its employees, partners, suppliers, interns and customers. Additionally after determining those hazards Türk Telekom get them included in the risk assessment process.

Health Care

Türk Telekom Group within the scope of health services is doing pre-employment and return to work examinations, periodic health examinations, polyclinics, organization of first aid and emergency response services in the workplace, to ensure the best harmony between work and workers, protection of employees from occupational disease, monitoring and supervising the general hygiene conditions of the workplace.

OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

In order to achieve the telecommunications sector best health, safety and environmental practices, and to be able to work more systematically, the Health and Safety & Environmental Management System has been established and documented.

Integrated Management System Policy that was created in this context is listed below.

Management System Policy;

Beyond being a telecommunications operator, being one of the main actors in the transition to the information community, taking into account the principles of quality, environment, health and safety, complaint management systems and requirements in all processes, constantly evolving, increase productivity, focusing on customers and the market, taking social responsibility always in the foreground, being an organization that values employees;

  • Provides the continuous improvement and development of its integrated management system with an active and constructive participation of its employees,
  • Obliged to comply with national and international Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Business Continuity Management Systems and committed to comply with related legal and regulative requirements,
  • Fulfills the requirements of the Health and Safety in its operations, develop and implement systems for the prevention of all kinds of accident, injuries, occupational diseases and health problems,
  • Provides customer satisfaction by solving its customers' complaints, requests and suggestions in the fastest way possible based on laws, regulations and company rules, in a fair and neutral approach and privacy,
  • Committed to reduce or eliminate significant environmental effects causing from its activities,
  • In business continuity services Türk Telekom aims to ensure our safety as a priority in an emergency, and by continuously improving its business continuity capacity and aim to ensure the continuity of its service.
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