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Occupational Health and Safety

Occupational Health and Safety, and the Environment

Creating a healthier and safer working environment for its employees; minimizing the effects of damage to the environment through its activities; and implementing environmentally friendly technologies are Türk Telekom’s prioritized objectives.

In line with these targets, employees are expected to comply with legal regulations, practices and accepted standards in workplaces; conform with measures taken as a result of risk and impact assessments, with a preventive approach; comply with systems to minimize the occurrence of incidents, accidents or emergency losses; participate in training programs organized to promote safety culture, risk perception, and environmental consciousness; demonstrate an objective and transparent attitude in audits related to occupational health, safety and the environment; notify and report any behavior, situation or accident that could endanger occupational health and safety; and cooperate with the responsible Occupational Health and Safety specialist in charge.

Türk Telekom, which has adopted proactive and productive Occupational Health Safety and Environmental Management standards, works to improve these management systems to prevent occupational accidents; foster environmental awareness; and promote occupational health and safety, and an environmental culture among employees.

Türk Telekom prepares and documents risk and environmental impact assessment tables to determine potential hazards and related risks arising from its activities, products and services; and to evaluate environmental impacts and dimensions, so as to systematically define the methods and principles for controlling potential risks and minimizing occupational accidents, occupational illnesses and environmental risks.

The aim of the work is to identify the risks that may cause occupational accidents and occupational illnesses before they occur, and to take appropriate measures.

In order to protect employees from work-specific hazards, personal protective equipment is provided where collective protection is not possible.

With the awareness that Occupational Health Safety and environmental management is a part of all processes, Occupational Health and Safety Management unit was established within the Directorate of Facility Management, which reports to Support Services and Procurement Management Assistant General Manager.

Additionally, Occupational Health and Safety Boards have been established in the Company’s workplaces in order to ensure the health and safety of employees, to identify potential risks and take necessary measures. These Boards ensure that the occupational health and safety activities are planned and evaluated, the risks that may cause occupational accidents and occupational diseases are identified and necessary measures are taken. At periodic meetings, the following tasks are fulfilled:

  • Guiding employees regarding occupational health and safety issues;
  • Evaluating hazards and precautions related to occupational health and safety at the workplace; determining the measures and notifying employers or their representatives;
  • Carrying out the necessary investigation, identifying the measures, and notifying the employer or the employer’s representative with a report in the event of any occupational accident occurring at a workplace, or an occurrence at the workplace that does not qualify as an occupational accident but may cause damage to the workplace or to work equipment, or in case of occupational illness or occupational health and safety hazards;
  • Planning trainings on occupational health and safety at work; preparing programs related to occupational health and safety and related rules; presenting them to the employer or the employer’s representative for approval; monitoring the implementation of these programs and providing feedback in case any deficiency is noted;
  • Planning the security measures necessary during maintenance and repair work to be performed at the workplace and controlling the implementation of these measures;
  • Monitoring the adequacy of the measures taken against fire, natural disaster, sabotage or similar hazards at work and monitoring the works of related teams.

Employee representatives also participate in these boards as members, and all kinds of feedbacks that employees provide on occupational health and safety measures are evaluated.

Stepping up efforts to expand the occupational health and safety and environmental culture

Türk Telekom is required to take the necessary measures in workplaces as stipulated by the Occupational Health and Safety Law and the Environmental Law, and the legislation published in line with these laws. Türk Telekom carries out a wide range of studies in Occupational Health and Safety in order to prevent occupational accidents and to ensure its employees can continue their work in a safe and healthy work environment.

Türk Telekom takes a proactive approach to creating a healthy and safe working environment in its workplaces in order to protect itself from the dangers and risks arising from activities, products and services. The Company carries out work to identify risks, prevent and reduce occupational accidents, occupational diseases and eliminate environmental risks that may occur as a result of existing risks. In this context, risk and environmental impact assessment tables are prepared and reported.

Türk Telekom organizes competitions and events to spread awareness of Occupational Health and Safety and environmental issues.

Türk Telekom’s three regional directorates operate under the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

The OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System ensures continuous improvement of occupational health and safety performance, creating a better working environment for employees and minimizing occupational accidents. There were no fatal accidents in 2019.

The company carries out systematic efforts to improve environmental management and reduce environmental damage within the scope of the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate. Türk Telekom did not suffer any environmental accidents, and was not issued with any environmental fines in 2019.

Trainings are organized for a sustainable world at Türk Telekom

Since December 2011, Türk Telekom provides all employees with online training on climate change, the risks associated with climate change and the simple changes that can be made to mitigate these risks. The company also carries out in-class training and distance learning courses on energy efficiency and occupational health and safety legislation.

In 2019, 17,778 Türk Telekom employees received training on occupational health and safety legislation.

On October 5th, World Environment Day, a video prepared by Türk Telekom covering environmental activities such as zero waste, electronic waste and CDP was shared with all employees.

OHSAS 18001 Health and Safety Management System ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

In order to achieve the telecommunications sector best health, safety and environmental practices, and to be able to work more systematically, the Health and Safety & Environmental Management System has been established and documented.

Integrated Management System Policy that was created in this context is listed below.

Management System Policy;

Beyond being a telecommunications operator, being one of the main actors in the transition to the information community, taking into account the principles of quality, environment, health and safety, complaint management systems and requirements in all processes, constantly evolving, increase productivity, focusing on customers and the market, taking social responsibility always in the foreground, being an organization that values employees;

  • Provides the continuous improvement and development of its integrated management system with an active and constructive participation of its employees,
  • Obliged to comply with national and international Quality, Environment, Health and Safety, Business Continuity Management Systems and committed to comply with related legal and regulative requirements,
  • Fulfills the requirements of the Health and Safety in its operations, develop and implement systems for the prevention of all kinds of accident, injuries, occupational diseases and health problems,
  • Provides customer satisfaction by solving its customers' complaints, requests and suggestions in the fastest way possible based on laws, regulations and company rules, in a fair and neutral approach and privacy,
  • Committed to reduce or eliminate significant environmental effects causing from its activities,
  • In business continuity services Türk Telekom aims to ensure our safety as a priority in an emergency, and by continuously improving its business continuity capacity and aim to ensure the continuity of its service.
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