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Sustainability in Offices

Sustainability in Offices​

Sustainability efforts undertaken at offices, as well as building/hall optimization projects provide space savings, leading to drastic cuts in energy consumption for cooling purposes. Environmental practices such as the use of energy-efficient light bulbs, automatic switch offs in hallways and WCs, heat insulation and jacketing, commuting by shuttle buses, flushing minimizing devices and photocell sensor taps in order to minimize water consumption, building automation, an environmentally friendly car fleet, waste segregation, waste recycling, electronic document management system, centralized printing, e-learning, tele-presence, and video conferencing help increase recycling rates and overall savings, while reducing carbon emissions.

An integrated Health, Safety and Environment Policy is established and published on the intranet for employees’ access.

An online training, guiding the employees to help minimize climate change with little efforts was launched in June 2016. More than 20,000 employees completed the training and got their certificates.

Furthermore, the e-invoice, an eco-friendly product, enables customers to reduce their carbon footprint.

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