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argelaEstablished Year: 2004

Business Segment: IT Product % Software Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

Argela conducts research, development and innovation activities for next-generation telecommunications technologies and develops intellectual property for 5G technologies.

Established in 2004 and joined Türk Telekom in 2007, Argela conducts research, development and innovation activities for next-generation telecommunication technologies and develops intellectual property for 5G technologies.

Argela provides solutions and products to telecom operators in the global market and to telecom companies, public and defense industry organizations in Turkey.

Argela creates added value both in Turkey and in the world, with patent applications and intellectual property developed in the USA regarding next-generation telecommunications technologies, in particular in 5G technologies.

Argela develops strategic projects in cooperation with defense industry organizations in Turkey. In addition to the first phase of the Fourth Generation Communication System Development (ULAK) Project, signed in 2013 with the Undersecretariat of Defense Industries, the company successfully delivered the software defined networks project for public safety networks in December 2017 within the scope of the MİLAT Project, signed in 2015. The company also carries out various projects for the defense industry together with other public institutions and defense industry organizations.

Argela’s solution portfolio includes programmable radiolinks (Programmable Radio Access Networks, ProgRAN), software defined networks, LTE base stations, network performance monitoring, subscriber analytics, subscriber satisfaction management, Smart Grid Applications, Mobile Device Control Systems (EIR) and Signaling and Firewall applications for mobile operators.

In addition to this work, the Company carries out joint projects with many universities and companies within the scope of European Union Horizon 2020 and Celtic projects. Argela contributes to the technological development of Turkey through these efforts, also receives funding for R&D studies with EU support.

Argela’s work with many universities in Turkey includes next-generation technology projects such as 5G, software defined networks, virtualization of network functions, cyber security, self-organizing mobile networks, and large data processing.

The company is headquartered in Istanbul, and in addition to the Ankara office, its subsidiary Netsia, located in Sunnyvale, USA, carries out R&D activities. In 2018, Argela has also developed business partnerships in many countries such as Japan, Ethiopia, Kazakhstan, Algeria, and Azerbaijan in order to increase its awareness abroad and to attain new customers.

Leading the next-generation of technology solutions: ProgRAN (Programmable Radio Access Networks)

ProgRAN, one of the solutions that Argela’s US-based subsidiary Netsia has been working on for a while, provides a scalable and flexible architecture for 5G technologies, enabling high-capacity, customized networking and service solutions to meet future mobile communications needs. Netsia has set up the exclusive LTE Trial Platform using ProgRAN technology in the test environments of the leading operators of the US and Europe. To date, the ProgRAN test platform has been delivered abroad to Spain’s Telefonica (October 2017), United States of America’s Verizon (November 2017), France’s Orange (December 2017) and Japan’s KDDI (2018) operators.

MAC (Multi Access Cloud): The Future of Cloud-Based Access Network Architecture

Argela has started developing the border cloud-based multi-access solution ARGELA/NETSIA MAC to meet the need of telecom infrastructures to be closer to the user and to offer faster service. This solution aims to manage fixed-mobile convergence on software defined basis, with network functions running on the border cloud data centers of general hardware. The MAC solution will enable telecommunication operators to convert their central offices into data centers consisting of convenient hardware, providing mobile and fixed service from the same central office. Thus, investment expenditures and operating expenses will be reduced and the system will be able to be configured and scaled as desired. With its software defined and virtualized infrastructure, the MAC solution will allow telecom operators the ability to offer new services to subscribers in a short time.

Argela operates under the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) with the world’s leading operators (AT & T, DT, NTT, Telefonica, Türk Telekom) within the scope of MAC solution components SEBA, VOLTHA and ONOS open-source projects.

Argela’s 100% domestic solutions have added a new international customer with NPM / CEM

Argela’s Network Performance Monitoring (NPM) solution enables wired and wireless service providers to monitor the end-to-end network performance, detailed customer behavior and service quality and maintains it at a certain level of performance. For this purpose, signal and data probes have been developed for many protocols in mobile, fixed and IP networks.

The NPM solution enables efficient use of network resources by providing end-to-end and real-time monitoring of the network through real-time probes. While the solution has a wide range of performance metrics and reporting sets that are easily accessible, the distributed architecture allows rapid and efficient query times. The data generated by the NPM system can be sent to CRM systems and regulatory bodies in real time.

The Customer Experience Management (CEM) solution provides meaningful analysis and behavioral information about customer experiences in networks such as voice, data access, data usage and messaging. With this solution, operators can observe the individual activities of their customers in real time. This solution is used for further analysis and acceleration and improvement of customer services.

Argela continues its efforts towards the sale of NPM and CEM products abroad, and also held many meetings and developed partnerships in 2018. The tender for the mobile operator Ethio Telecom (Ethiopia), which has the largest number of subscribers in Africa, was won. The installation continues at full speed.

Argela’s contributions to the fourth generation of mobile communication technologies continue.

Fourth Generation Communication System Development (ULAK) Project

For the first time in 2013, Argela turned to a sector outside of telecommunication and was approved to conduct the Fourth Generation (4G/LTE) Communication System Development (ULAK) Project of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries (SSM). Within the scope of the project, Argela developed and delivered all hardware and software components of the fourth-generation mobile communication technology base stations together with its business partners.

The first LTE technology base stations developed within the scope of the project were commissioned in Kars in May 2018. As of the end of 2018, more than 450 ULAK base stations are live.

Following the successful operation of ULAK project in the field, the development of additional features required by the operators is continuing within the scope of Argela Phase 2.

Türk Telekom continues contributions to the Network Transformation without pause

Today, telecom networks are rapidly becoming cloud-based, using virtualization technologies and transforming into software-based programmable and sliceable structures. The Türk Telekom network is also aimed to be transformed and made ready for 5G, using software-based technologies such as SDN (Software Defined Network) and NFV (Network Function Virtualization) within the framework of a long - term program. In line with this goal, Argela and Türk Telekom have determined the architecture and strategy to be used in the transformation of the Türk Telekom network. Efforts on research and development of technologies to be used, as well as adaptation of the open source projects to the network are continuing.

The following benefits are aimed within the scope of the project:

  • The provision of both mobile and fixed network functions as software technologies independently of hardware, thus using the network capacity in the most efficient way and reducing external dependency,
  • Establishing a 5G ecosystem consisting of local and national companies by leading the way for the development of virtual functions by domestic companies,
  • Implementing new services rapidly and increasing customer satisfaction,
  • Improving investment and operating costs through virtualization,
  • Contributing to these projects with the use of open source projects as much as possible and providing new revenue sources by presenting the solutions created for 5G to foreign markets

The 5G Center of Excellence continues to work without pause in line with its strategic goals

Argela 5G Excellence Center, which began its activities at the Ankara METU Technopolis in 2017 with the aim of developing 5G technologies, continued supporting academic studies as well as collaborating with specialist education companies in their fields.

Focusing mainly on the most important stages of the transition to 5G, software-based networks, virtual network functions, and multi-access edge cloud issues, the Center is working flat out to transform into an environment where everyone can benefit regarding 5G in general. 2019 plans have been made to focus on the extension of partnerships established with universities in Ankara and Istanbul to include universities in other provinces in Turkey and the creation of a national awareness regarding 5G.

In addition, negotiations between Argela, ICTA (the Information and Communication Technologies Authority) and TSE (Turkish Standards Institution) are ongoing to establish the 5G Excellence Center as a center for the detailed testing of the components of domestic and foreign software-based network products that may pose a risk to Turkey’s cyber security, and “Internet of Things”.

In 2019 Argela 5G Center of Excellence will continue its activities in the fields of, Testing and development of network virtualization technologies for LTE and 5G, Establishment of the ability to test and demo on real systems, Developing studies in an eco-system including universities and domestic companies, Interoperability between LTE and 5G, certification and as a training center.

The Center is also used for the testing and development of various virtualization technologies in the laboratory environment within the scope of the Türk Telekom Transformation program.​

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