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R&D and Technology

R&D and Innovation Activities

In order to best capitalize on the homegrown knowhow in Turkey, Türk Telekom has established a robust research and development ecosystem that includes universities, SMEs with intensive R&D activities and international R&D partners.

Türk Telekom has the vision of being the leading provider of communication technologies in Turkey and the surrounding region.

Through its R&D and Innovation activities, Türk Telekom aims to develop new generation technologies, foster commercialization of new generation Technologies and offer the most Innovative solutions to customers.

In line with this vision, research and development activities are carried out under our R&D Center. In order to meet the objectives of its R&D operations, Türk Telekom Group;

  • Establishing strong relationships with universities and supporting Innovation,
  • Working with SME’s R&D partners to develop prototypes of Innovative products and services and supporting the commercialization process,
  • Analyzing and evaluating new technologies with fundamental R&D studies, developing patents and defining a technological roadmap,
  • Joining multinational research projects and implementing advanced research projects. In 2015, Türk Telekom Group filed 40 patent applications and 40 publication applications.

National and multinational research projects

Türk Telekom, conducts multinational and multi partnered research projects with technologically competent international universities, research centers, corporations and SMEs.

As part of the 7th European Framework Program, Mobile Opportunistic Traffic Offloading (MOTO) and Connectivity management for Energy Optimized Wireless Dense networks (CROWD), projects continued to be supported and completed in 2015. Six project applications were filed within the scope of the H2020 Program and two project applications were filed with Eureka Celtic, another multinational project platform.

On the domestic front, in 2015, Türk Telekom Group continued six TÜBİTAK-supported projects and completed three of these as of year-end. Furthermore, during 2015, the Group made three TÜBİTAK TEYDEB applications and three TÜBİTAK ARDEB applications.

Work on 5G technology

As for the Group’s 5G projects in 2015, the projects Mobile Opportunistic Traffic Offloading (MOTO), Connectivity management for Energy Optimized Wireless Dense networks (CROWD) and SDN Concept in Generalized Mobile Network Architectures (SIGMONA) were continued, while the projects MOTO and CROWD were completed as of year-end.

Potentially, 5G technology offers 1,000 times more bandwidth per unit field compared to 4.5G technology, provides coverage to 100 times more devices than today, brings end-to-end delay down to 1 millisecond, and yields speeds of 1 to 10Gbps in devices. To attain these objectives, Türk Telekom defines for itself a 5G vision of offering personalized, smart and secure services by employing any technology, anywhere, at any time. To this end, our 5G R&D efforts are focused on data analytics, the Internet of things and new generation telecoms technologies.

Incubation Center

Türk Telekom began supporting two companies, to work and develop products on M2M platform and smart energy.

University-Industry Research Cooperations Türk Telekom continue to cooperate with 13 universities globally. These cooperations are mainly project based, but there are also long term cooperations. Internationally, projects were undertaken with Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on customer experience and domestically social media analysis projects were undertaken with Bilkent University.

G-20 WIFI Installation

At the G20 Summit held in Belek, Antalya, members of the media and participants were offered top speed Internet access via a Wi-Fi infrastructure set up by Türk Telekom Group, and users were offered 10Gb of Internet service. Wi-Fi services was also expanded to Antalya where additional G20 meetings were held, so as to offer easier Internet access to the media and foreign tourists. As a result of these infrastructure operations, the Group provided the world’s largest outdoor Internet service. Additionally, customized Wi-Fi and smart junction services were commissioned specially for the G20 Summit. Smart traffic, environment, health, security, energy and management practices rendered urban life more comfortable and help save resources.

Türk Telekom PİLOT Startup Accelerator Launched in 2013 to support entrepreneurship and to create economic value by collaborating with innovative startups, Türk Telekom PİLOT startup accelerator completed its third batch successfully, positioning the Company as an important player in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. As Turkey’s first startup accelerator initiated by the private sector, PİLOT received nearly 1,000 applications in its three batches, graduated 30 startups and provided total capital of TL 750 thousand. Startups, which had advanced to the top three in their respective batches, were sent to Silicon Valley to meet with officials from leading technology companies such as Google, Apple, Facebook, HP, Intel, Cisco, Linkedin, Uber, Airbnb, and Spotify; representatives from world-class universities including Stanford and UC Berkeley; and important institutions and organizations that support entrepreneurs in the ecosystem such as YCombinator, 500 Startups and Endeavor.

Seven of the PİLOT startups took an opportunity of collaborating with Türk Telekom, while one startup project was acquired by Türk Telekom. Nine others received funding from investors.

R&D and Innovation Activities

30 startups have successfully completed the PİLOT Program, which is Turkey’s first startup accelerator initiated by the private sector. Seven of the PİLOT startups took an opportunity of collaborating with Türk Telekom, while one startup project was acquired by Türk Telekom.

PİLOT Entrepreneurship Summit

PİLOT Entrepreneurship Summit, held in September 2015, brought together prominent entrepreneurs and investors from Turkey and abroad, and other key players of the startup ecosystem.

The world-renowned entrepreneur and investor Shervin Pishevar, Founding Partner at Sherpa Ventures, shared his experiences with the audience. Hüsnü M.

Özyeğin, Chairman of the Hüsnü M. Özyeğin Foundation, and other successful entrepreneurs including Ferhan Cook, Co-founder of m-Spark and Gamze Cizreli Founding Partner at Big Chefs also delivered speeches at this important event.

At the PİLOT Entrepreneurship Summit, the eight startups that have successfully completed the PİLOT Program in 2015, presented their projects to the prominent participants of the event. Of these, three were selected as the most successful initiatives; AppAnalytics, Kolay İK (Easy HR) and hrBeyond, winning the first, the second and the third prize, respectively. The awards were presented to entrepreneurs at the end of the Summit, and they were also granted the opportunity to participate in the Silicon Valley Program in USA. These finalists attended more than 30 meetings held in Silicon Valley in nine days, and had the opportunity to meet with and present their projects to the world’s leading investors, technology firms and entrepreneurs.

In the coming PİLOT Program period, it is planned to further expand and enhance the scope of the program to include new opportunities and to significantly increase the total amount of funding provided to startups. Türk Telekom plans to continue setting an example for other large corporate enterprises in getting startups to join the ranks of the Turkish economy with its PİLOT Program and in transforming the country into the region’s entrepreneurship hub.


  • With “The Reputation Based Trust Ecosystem” project for information security, Türk Telekom applied to the Horizon2020 European Union Project Funding, within a consortium established by Netaş, Airbus and Comodo companies.
  • The Group sponsored the Mobile Security Workshop, organized by OWASP Turkey Application Safety Security Foundation. In the Workshop organized at the AVEA Labs campus, following presentations in the topics of “mobile application security” and “mobile user security” were made: mobile malicious softwares infecting iOS and Android based mobile devices and security checks necessary for protection against these softwares; security tests for detecting security vulnerabilities in mobile applications; phishing data matrix targeting end users and methods of protection, personal data saved on the devices by mobile applications of the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and computer forensic analysis of such data; providing mobile user secret key security through cloud computing support and legal requisites of mobile security
  • Türk Telekom started taking part in the Board of Directors of the İstanbul Division of ISACA (Information Security Checks and Controls) Foundation, which enables establishing the framework of the best practices in technology processes such as COBIT. Within this scope, Türk Telekom participated in the events organized at Bosphorus University and Bilgi University in order to bring in new members to the sector. Awards
  • Türk Telekom has won the first prize in private sector category in the Cyber Security Event “Capture The Flag (CTF) 2015” Contest where 21 teams composed of representatives from private sector, universities and public corporations participated.
  • Türk Telekom Group, won the “SAP Transformation Project of the Year Award” – an award given every year to one Corporation only – in the SAP Forum İstanbul, organized at the Istanbul Congress Center on Wednesday the 15th of October 2015. Besides the “SAP Transformation Project of the Year Award”, in “SAP Quality” and “Purchasing Transformation Project of the Year” categories awards went to Türk Telekom Group.
  • Mobile Online Services Center Application was granted the Stevie Award in the category of “Innovation In Customer Services” and, Horizon Interactive award in the category of “Mobile Applications for Productivity”.
  • Broadband Data Management Team was granted the Big Data Project Award for 2015 by the Data Warehouse Institute, and Large Data Project Award for 2015 by the Turkey Informatics Foundation.
  • OPERA application launched by Türk Telekom Mobile, was granted the Solution Excellence Award in the category of Customer Orientation at the TMForum Nice 2015. The Opera product developed in TmForum standards, was chosen as the most popular application among dealers in the surveys carried out.
  • HP Customer Forum organized in Prague in June 2015, Avea won the “Firm That Best Positions and Uses HP products” Award.
  • At the “Horizon Interactive Awards” contest, with its Online Services Mobile application Avea won the Silver Award in the category of “Mobile Apps for Productivity”, and Bronze Award in the category of “Mobile Apps for Business”.
  • With its Voice Steps application and Unification of Missing Syrian Families projects, Avea became a finalist within the scope of World GSM Association (GSMA) 2015 World Mobile Congress.
  • Avea R&D Center Test Team won the at the “Shining Star” Award at the EMEA HP Customer Forum.
  • With its UNICORN project activating OPERA – the restructured sales and post sales services system – Avea won an award in the category of “Customer Orientation” at the 2015 TM Forum Excellence Awards 2015.
  • With the Voice Steps application developed in collaboration with ECE Turkey in order to help people with visual disabilities indicate their location and move more freely, won an award in the category of Corporate Social Responsibility at the Avea ICSC Social Marketing Awards 2015.
  • Missing Syrian Families project was granted the MMA Turkey Smarties Awards Golden Award.
  • Won the Gold Medal at the Intellimap, Best In Bizz contest.
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