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Future Vision and Strategic Approach

With its perspective always focused on the communication of the future, Türk Telekom has set itself the mission of offering speed, top quality and economic services to its customers through customer-oriented and integrated communication solutions, anywhere, at anytime.

Having a robust infrastructure, value added services diversified year after year, the capacity to translate state-of-the-art-technologies into services, as well as strong international partnerships, Türk Telekom Group continuously boosts its regional clout and figures among the top IT companies of its region and the world.

Türk Telekom Group plans to maintain its leadership and become the region’s top communication and entertainment services provider by adding value to core telecoms services, and sharpening its competitive edge in new generation communication services, with a view to contributing to Turkey’s digital transformation.

Powered by its group synergy, Türk Telekom Group designs multiple offers which feature fixed voice, fixed internet, TV, mobile voice and mobile internet services, and provides all-inclusive package offers and end-to-end solutions which meet all the communication needs of consumer and corporate customers, in order to respond to all communication services.

While working towards this goal, Türk Telekom duly takes into account the personal, social and business needs of consumer and corporate customers, and strives to yield efficient and services, which allow access to data and content via a vast range of devices.

Türk Telekom Group’s Strategic Focus Areas

An analysis of the international telecoms market reveals that new areas of revenue- account for an increasingly large portions of total revenue.

In parallel with this global trend, the growth in the Turkey’s telecommunications market is also expected to come from data services and other new areas of revenue. The consumer segment’s growth is expected to depend on data use and pay TV, whereas the corporate market’s growth will come from the growth in ICT and mobile data services.

Under current market conditions, Türk Telekom Group’s strategic priorities to achieve its goal for “sustainable growth through a customer-oriented and integrated organization” are still valid.

Segmented Approach for Best Customer Experience

  • To maintain its position as Turkey’s leading telecommunications group, TT Group delivers the best customer experience by offering all telecoms services with an integrated segmented structure and meets the end to end needs of consumer and corporate customers
  • To become the first choice of consumer customers with integrated and customeroriented telecoms services, by establishing a single brand in the consumer customer segment
  • To become the first choice of companies by offering end-to-end and top-quality solutions to meet customer needs in the corporate segment

Effective and Efficient Operations

To capitalize on the group synergy, TT Group creates lean processes which support operational productivity and maximize value
To bring Turkey’s IT infrastructure up to the highest level through smart investments

New Revenue Streams

To grow in new areas of revenue such as TV, ICT and digital, on top of core telecoms products and services to reinforce TT Group’s position in the consumer and corporate segments

Invest in People

To invest in people to achieve organizational excellence and to become one of Turkey’s most preferred companies to work for

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