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Increase household reach and unique subscriber base while improving profitability

  • Faster FBB take-up and penetration drive Internet Bizden, partnership with electricity companies
  • Mobile market share growth
  • Increase the reach of TV - Grow wireless HH reach and support mobile
  • Synergy offers & cross sell
  • Increase reach of decent technology services to mass segment - focus on health, education, security, energy verticals
  • Protect access lines

Value creation on top of core

  • Drive digitalization in all value chain
  • Large scale ICT projects such as smart cities, health campuses
  • Consumer focused digitalization (Muud, e-magazine, Tambu, Tivibu Go) and enterprise digital transformation (GE Digital etc. )
  • Create value through subsidiaries; Innova (largescale ICT Projects), Argela (R&D and Innovation Center in particular enabling 5G, SDN and NFV commercialization), Sebit (e-education)
  • Establish a Capital Venture Company (CVC): Türk Telekom Ventures


  • Simple & effective portfolio
  • Sales Channels and customer care effectiveness
  • Utilization of online and alternative channels
  • Rigorous CAPEX management, effective cost control and better utilization of existing assets
  • Streamlined organization
  • Enable a lean technology - commercialization of SDN and NFV technologies
  • Get ready for re-designing fixed & mobile assets

Customer Experience

  • Empathy Program - provide competitive customer experienc
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