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Türk Telekom's Strategic Priorities


Growth and digitalisation in the business lines

Strong growth and leadership in retail and wholesale fixed broadband

Provide high-quality and fast internet access nationwide by pioneering Turkey’s fibre transformation

Increase the number of access lines and expand household footprint

Achieve fair market share in the mobile segment by encouraging data usage

Journey to Turkey’s leading digital TV/OTT platform with technological transformation and attractive content



Redefining the customer experience

A digital and end-to-end redesigned customer experience

Develop customer-oriented, agile working models

Provide personalised offers and content, in addition to digital products and services to enrich the customer experience



Improving efficiency with digitalisation and new operational models

Increase efficiency with digitalisation, virtualisation and new working models

Disciplined management of capital expenditures by focusing on profitability

Be ready for the technological transformation - 5G and next generation technologies



Growth in new areas supporting our main businesses

TV/OTT and ICT/Cloud investments with high revenue potential to support the customer base

Provide accessible cloud/ICT/IoT services for the digitalisation of companies

Create added value with opportunistic initiatives​

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