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Capitalizing on Türk Telekom Group’s synergy, Sebit contributes to development of education in Turkey with innovative and efficient use of technology. Sebit is one of the largest educational technologies companies of Turkey and has both domestic and international presence with R&D experience of 25 years and its international organization structure. The company offers its educational products to the market in five countries through its 300 creative employees located at  Arizona office in the US and Ankara office in Turkey. Local and international education solutions developed by Sebit provide social benefit, while addressing individual needs.

Sebit is one of the main actors -in Turkey and throughout the world- of the transformation objective in  education sector with its “IT Supported Interactive Education” vision. Offered since 1998, the company’s product and service portfolio, initially under  Akademia brand and subsequently the Vitamin brand, has been  a driving force of continuous development in this field. Sebit aims to offer variety in learning and to remove barriers to interactive education with its new educational services that leverage mobile and Internet technologies.

In 2013, Sebit’s products became compatible with  4+4+4 system put into action by  Ministry of National Education, and new products werelaunched.. Studies carried out at pilot schools in the context of  FATIH project also continued successfully. V-Sınıf, the first classroom application running on Win8 Tablets, has entered use at a pilot school within the scope of  FATIH Project.

Cloud-based Education Technology

In 2013,  Collaboration Learning Platform was developed within the context of V-Cloud, Sebit’s cloud-based educational technology. This platform allows students and teachers to meet in the same environment, offering the opportunity of teamwork, portfolio management, cooperative learning methods, teacher training and additional activity sharing opportunities at a single center.

ViTTrin – The One and Only Market Place for E-Learning

urkey’s first and only market place for e-learning, ViTTrin ( gained attention among individual users in 2013. Sebit’s Adaptive Curriculum product received the Best Virtual School Solution - CODIE Award 2013, which is recognized in US as the Oscar of software sector.  Uzinggo product developed for home users was made available in  American home user market.

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