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Established in 2006 to connect Turkey to the internet and introduce itself to the world, TTNET has evolved into a leading technology company that offers communication and entertainment services together, by spearheading digital transformation.

Taking a leading part in the sector today with its residential and corporate services, TTNET is the market leader in terms of subscriber number. TTNET integrates the three main components of communications technologies: internet, television, and telephony. The company has launched numerous innovative products and services to consumers over the past 7 years.

TTNET increased the number of its broadband subscribers with 87 thousand new users in 2014 Q3 and reached 7.5 million users thanks to the highest sales performance of the last five years and the lowest churn rates of the last three years. TTNET recorded 321 thousand new subcribers showing positive performance since the first month of 2013.

TTNET’s position in the fiber internet market strengthened in particular in 2013 thanks to intensive marketing activities. According to the 2013 results of the ICTA, fiber subscriptions grew by 85% while TTNET outperformed the market with 92% growth in terms of subscriber number as of 2014 Q2.

By offering internet, TV, voice and 3G services to customers in one single bill, TTNET became the first in Turkey to deliver a “four-in-one service”, resulting in yet another national breakthrough. The company meets the full range of Turkey’s communication needs through specific offerings in education, entertainment, communication, security and corporate business. Developing Turkey’s first IPTV service Tivibu Ev (Home), TTNET carried cinema and television to portable platforms with the Tivibu Web and Tivibu Mobile services.

Tariff Plans and Campaigns

As the leader in the retail broadband market, TTNET sets the pace both in terms of speed and capacity to provide the maximum benefit to its customers. ADSL packages of up to 16 Mbps, Hipernet packages of up to 100 Mbps, and Fibernet packages up to 1.000 Mbps are available as a part of TTNET offerings at various speed options.

Internet anywhere anytime

TTNET meets the needs and expectations of consumers by Yalın Internet (Naked DSL) service that does not require PSTN usage, TTNET 3G Mobile service that allows Internet at home to be used outside, while Wi-Fi service offered to customers at public places is provided.

Stress-free internet without Limits and Quotas

Providing the fastest internet in the market by introducing the first 1,000 Mbps fiber tariff plan this year, TTNET enhanced the fair usage points (AKN) applied for unlimited tariff plans. AKN is an application introduced to ensure that network resources render the same quality service to all users. Internet speed decreases in the remaining part of the month, when the user exceeds the monthly download quota. In addition to increasing the number of AKNs to provide customers with high-speed internet throughout the month without quota restrictions, TTNET also launched tariff plans, which are not restricted by fair usage rules, thereby offering its customers unlimited internet experience.

In 2013, TTNET commenced “İlk Beş Ay İnternet Bizden Campaign” (the First Five Months Free Campaign) in order to reach potential customers, increase internet literacy and extend its market penetration. The campaign involves provision of ADSL/fiber and hyper packages free for the first five months and over standard package prices for subsequent months.

In addition to this campaign that was launched for the subscribers, who want to postpone their periodic expenses, “Her Eve İnternet (Internet in Every Home) Campaign” was introduced for PSTN and PC users, who spend a limited time on the internet and prefer a more convenient pricing. TTNET also introduced its 2’si Bir Arada (Two in One) Campaign for customers, who prefer not to use a home phone. In this campaign the naked dsl net unlimited package was offered for a fixed fee under a 24-month contract. Similarly, the “Universiteli (University Students) campaign” allowed students on lower budgets to benefit from the naked dsl service with a 12-month commitment.

Under the Konuşturan Internet campaign home phone subscribers were offered the benefit of TTNET Alo with free minutes and an internet service for a 12-month commitment.

Creating a competitive advantage by offering multiple gaming offerings under a single invoice and enhancing customer experience with high speed and additional benefits, TTNET introduced the “3’lü Avantaj Kampanyası (Triple Advantage)” campaign that includes Fiber/hyper high speed internet, TTNET Alo, and Tivibu Ev (Home) with a 12-month commitment.

Customer experience enriched with various services

Analysys Mason studies indicate that bundle offerings by European operators, combining fixed broadband with additional services, will be on the rise until 2017. TTNET aims to enrich the customer experience and differentiate itself by providing bundle offerings that involves value-added services such as television, voice, 3G USB modem (dongle), e-book, gaming, telephony, online education and music products in addition to fixed internet.

In order to embrace more corporate customers, TTNET launched various new campaigns throughout the year.

İş Yerim Packages: TTNET offers four different packages to businesses: Beginner, Economical, Professional, and Professional Extra. The services include virus protection with security products and website development with webim product. Companies also have the opportunity to own a corporate e-mail account with the domain name of their business.


Tivibu WebTivibu reaches consumers on any screen including TV, tablet, PC, mobile phone and smart TV. Tivibu registered a significant achievement by increasing its subscriber number to 1.8 million as of the end of 2013. Not only TTNET subscribers but also anyone with Internet access can benefit from the contents and advanced features of Tivibu with the Her Eve Tivibu (Tivibu in Every Home) campaign. Tivibu Ev (Home) is the first and only TV platform in Turkey broadcasting over IP through a modem without requiring a satellite dish. Since the beginning of 2012, Tivibu has grown fourfold and reached 171 channels and over 4,500 archive items. Launched in Q3 2014, Tivibu Web, Tivibu mobile and Smart TV products were merged under Tivibu Go brand.

Value-Added Services


TTNET MüzikTTNET Music has approximately 2 million members with its local and international music archives. Also available on Mobile Platforms, TTNET Music has approximately 30 million clicks per month on average. (

TTNET Playstore

PlaystoreOn Turkey's digital gaming platform Playstore, customers access more than 1,000 PC, Mac and Free to Play games simultaneously with the rest of the world with convenient payment options. TTNET subscribers can make their Playstore payment in 12 installments as part of their TTNET invoices.

TTNET Vitamin

TTNET VitaminTTNET Vitamin is an online educational support service developed to assist elementary school and high school students with their courses and improve their success in exams. The service is available by purchase, or through restricted free use.


TTNET ProGOnline professional and personal development platform TTNET ProG offers more than 100 certified occupational and personal development training programs, along with foreign language training at each level.

TTNET Security

TTNET GüvenlikTTNET Security is a free product offered especially to families with children for a safer use of the Internet free from harmful content with a Parental Protection Password.

NETDISK Cloud Storage Service

NetdiskNetdisk is a cloud storage service that allows users to back up, access from anywhere, and share their files with others.


TTNET ÇarşıDeveloped as part of the vision of contributing to the development of e-commerce and the growth of the digital eco-system in Turkey, TTNET Çarşı (Market Place) is a platform where users place orders for TTNET products and services enjoying campaign advantages.

Okacabukaca.comTTNET offers price comparison services to users on, which is one of its new platforms in the field of e-commerce. Launched in April, the platform achieved fourth place tanking among sites operating in the same category, in terms of the number of visitors, unique visitors, and page views.

TTNET & Avea Mobilexpress

TTNET & Avea MobilexpressCarried out by TTNET, Avea and Mobilexpress partnership, Mobilexpress is a payment system that does not request credit card information repeatedly at each instance of online shopping. Mobilexpress service stands out for its features of speed and reliability.

Smart Home Solution

Social Responsibility Projects in 2013

"İnternetle Hayat Kolay" (Life's Simpler with the Internet)

Implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport, and Maritime Affairs and Communications in 2013, the objective of "Life is Simpler with Internet" is to introduce the Internet to a wider community and increase Internet literacy. As of the end of 2013 more than 4,000 people received internet literacy training in the context of this project.

TTNET Volunteers

TTNET involves all of its stakeholders and particularly its employees to its social responsibility projects. In 2013, TTNET developed two projects to encourage its employees to contribute to this vision:

Starting from April 2013, "TTNET Volunteers", consisting of employees from almost all divisions, have provided voluntary training in the context of "İnternetle Hayat Kolay" (Life's Simpler with Internet). In the context of "TTNET'in Gülen Yüzleri (TTNET's Smiling Faces)" project, TTNET Volunteers send education materials to Şehit Murat Yumuşak Elementary School in Aksaray, Sultanhanı.

Non Governmental Organization/Stakeholder Relationships

In line with its 360 vision launched in 2013, TTNET has initiated many cooperation projects for the first time in its sector, together with 6 international and 13 national NGOs as their corporate member. The company added reputable international organizations operating in the field of development into its eco-system in addition to stakeholders, whom its products and services touch. TTNET became a member of two international NGOs (International Telecommunications Union, and Business Call to Action) and three national NGOs (E-Commerce Business Association, Enterprise Risk Management Association, and Istanbul Project Management Association)

United Nations Cites TTNET as an Exemplar

In 2013, TTNET became the first Turkish company to be honored by the UN Business Call to Action (BCtA). Cited as an exemplar by the United Nations, TTNET became the first Turkish company to be accepted to the BCtA as a result of its initiatives in relation to increasing internet penetration.

TTNET was accepted by International Telecommunications Union

In 2013, TTNET was accepted by the International Telecommunications Union's Development Unit, a United Nations organization, and one of the most reputable in the telecommunications sector, with 148 years of experience. This membership brought a new perspective to TTNET's corporate social responsibility projects.

Strategic Cooperation with Universities

In line with its 360 vision, TTNET accelerated its studies in the area of digital entrepreneurship in 2013. Cooperation agreements were signed with Sabancı University and Izmir Institute of High Technology, leading institutions in the field of entrepreneurship. The company gave lectures at these two universities throughout 2013. TTNET also sent three students to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to receive entrepreneurship education. TTNET is also the sponsor of the incubation center at the Technopark of the Izmir Institute of High Technology.

Cooperation with Public Institutions

In the context of social responsibility projects, in 2013 TTNET strengthened its relationships with the Ministry of Transport, and Maritime Affairs and Communications, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, and the Ministry of Development, as well as the Information and Communications Technologies Authority (ICTA), laying the foundations of new projects for 2014.

TTNET Research and Innovation Activities

In line with its new vision 360, TTNET started the Technology Valley program in 2013 with the objective of improving the eco-system to support sustainable growth in Turkey. The Technology Program aims to transform new business ideas to commercial and national value.

Focusing on digital entrepreneurship projects, the program will support entrepreneurs in incubation centers in Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara by providing infrastructure, office space and mentorship. 600 applications have been received, while 34 entrepreneurs have qualified for sponsorship from the Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB). Entrepreneurs received various courses, among others, on writing a business plan, presentation techniques, legal and technical issues, and marketing. As a result of the evaluations, 8 projects were accepted by incubation centers. At the end of the incubation process, these projects will either be implemented within TTNET, or else introduced to potential investors to be commercialized.

In the context of TTNET and Sobee merger, R&D activities initiated by Sobee are ongoing. One such project is supported by TUBITAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

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