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Established in 2006 to connect Turkey to the internet and the world, TTNET has since evolved into a leading technology company delivering communications and entertainment services together, thanks to undergoing a digital transformation. Playing a major role in the sector today with consumer and corporate services, TTNET is the market leader in terms of subscriber numbers. TTNET fully integrates fixed voice, mobile voice, mobile data, TV and digital services. The company has launched numerous innovative products and services for consumers over the past eight years.

By providing internet, TV, voice and 3G services to customers in one single bill, TTNET became the first in Turkey to deliver “four-in-one service,” in yet another national innovation. The company meets the full range of the country’s communication needs through specific offerings designed for the education, entertainment, communication, security and corporate business markets. Developing Turkey’s first IPTV service Tivibu Ev (Home), TTNET transferred cinema and television onto portable platforms with TivibuGo! service which gathered the Tivibu Web, Tivibu Mobile and Tivibu Smart TV applications under the same roof.

  • TTNET doubled the speed level of the entry level packages in 2014. Packages went up from 8 Mbps to 16 Mbps in speed while the fiber start speed climbed to 24 Mbps. As a result, 50% of the customer base switched to speeds of 16 Mbps and faster.
  • The number of subscribers who shifted to a higher speed, fair usage or quota rose 61% over the prior year to more than 2.04 million.
  • The number of high-speed Fibernet and Hypernet subscribers exceeded 1 million, with TTNET maintaining its leadership position in this segment.
  • After the British Federation Cup and Italian, French, Portuguese and German leagues, the Netherlands league also joined the Tivibu platform. UEFA Champions League and Europa League will broadcast on Tivibu for three seasons starting from 2015-16.
  • Serving over 5,000 points in the country’s 81cities, TTNET WiFi has now reached the skies with Turkish Airlines, the playing field with Turkey's first smart stadium Türk Telekom Arena, the roads with İETT buses and the water with İDO sea buses. As a result, TTNET provides free-of-charge internet access to customers “on air, land and sea,” becoming Turkey's largest WiFi network operator by far.
  • TTNET teamed up with the world's leading device brands, including Apple, Samsung and Toshiba, in promotional campaigns that provided customers the opportunity to purchase state-of-the-art devices with installment payments.
  • In 2014, TTNET’s data usage per customer went up by about 40% compared to the previous year, climbing to 53 GB.
  • As of December2014, TTNET obtained higher than its targeted customer satisfaction score, with 80.6 points. (Ipsos KMG, Individual Customer Satisfaction Survey, December2014.)
  • In the Ipsos KMG survey “The Most Sincere Brands 2014,” conducted for MediaCat magazine, TTNET was designated the “Most Sincere Brand” in the Internet service provider category by a large margin.
  • TTNET’s unassisted brand recognition as ISP rose from 73% in 2013 to 85% in 2014. (Ipsos KMG, Advertisement and Brand Monitoring Survey, December2014.)


TTNET provides cinema and TV broadcasts to customers at home and work via Tivibu, or anywhere via Tivibu GO!

Available via television, PC, tablet, cell phone and Smart TVs, Tivibu boasted 1.9 million subscribers as of year-end 2014. Coupling rich and high quality content with cutting edge technologies, Tivibu stands well above other TV service providers.

  • Personalized user experience includes features such as “Choose and Play,” “Replay,” “Stop and Play” and “Red Carpet.”
  • The interactive channel application allows simultaneous viewing on the same screen of multiple live broadcasts such as sports, documentary, entertainment, news and music. Viewers can navigate among the different channels.
  • The interface “Engelsiz Tivibu (Accessible Tivibu)” was designed to enablevisually impaired (in whole or in part) citizens and accompanying individuals to access Tivibu via the web.
  • Application Store – recently including Yandex Maps – with its social media, road and weather condition, football applications that get richer every day.
  • Customers can experience the service with Tivibu Demo via the web, without having to subscribe.
  • The Tivibu application featured on Smart TVs gives non-TTNET subscribers the ability to rent films with mobile payment.
  • Tivibu became available on Smart TVs as a result of partnerships with Samsung, Arçelik-Beko and Philips.

Rich, high quality content

Since Tivibu’s inception, around 45,000 content videos were viewed 60 million times on the service. Tivibu continues to provide viewers with rich, high quality content at a high resolution.

  • In 2014, through partnerships with leading global studios and Turkish producers, Tivibu offered 12 new cinema channels via Sinetivi, Sinetivi Adrenalin and Sinetivi Karnaval complete with HD broadcasts. As a result, Tivibu became the Turkish TV platform offering the most cinema channels, 24 in total.
  • In 2014, in addition to the Italian, French and Portuguese leagues on offer, Tivibu started to broadcast Dutch league matches and some Bundesliga games through a collaboration with TRT.
  • Tivibu's largest capital investment went to purchase the broadcast rights of UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League from 2015 until 2018. Having won the tender, Tivibu will now offer subscribers these games for three seasons starting in 2015.

Far beyond a traditional TV platform

In addition to many dozens of TV channels available for viewing, Tivibu’s content library features over 500 “Seç İzle” films that can be watched on demand, more than 150 “Kırmızı Halı (Red Carpet)” films, some 300 documentaries, over 40 series with around 600 individual episodes, and thousands of videos in categories that include children, music, lifestyle and entertainment. Tivibu subscribers can view all this video content at any time.


As Turkey's only WiFi operator to support an automatic connection feature, TTNET has the widest hotspot network in the country with over 5,000 wireless hotspots. At these locations across Turkey, TTNET subscribers can connect to WiFi free-of-charge, thanks to complimentary connection minutes provided in their internet subscription packages.

  • TTNET WiFiFly: In June 2014, TTNET launched Turkey's first internet service on airplanes. TTNET WiFiFly is available to all passengers of Internet-equipped aircraft, through a brand partnership with Turkish Airlines, the air transport provider serving the most countries worldwide.
  • GS TTNET WiFi - Turkey's first smart stadium: Launched in 2014, GS TTNET WiFi has transformed Türk Telekom Arena into Turkey's first smart football stadium. A TTNET WiFi hub provides online access to the largest number of stadium-goers, and the service includes WiFi in all the stands, and various digital applications. TTNET subscribers can enjoy free WiFi access in the stadium thanks to complimentary access minutes provided in their internet subscription packages.
  • İETT WiFi: TTNET WiFi launched Turkey's first free WiFi service on public transport. Running on TTNET WiFi infrastructure, İETT WiFi has provided free wireless internet to passengers on 100 specially equipped buses since February 2014.



As Turkey's leading digital music platform, TTNET Music delivers music download and streaming services. To date, 3 million users have downloaded TTNET Music’s mobile application. In 2014, TTNET Music launched the Looking feature, a first in Turkey, which allows users to capture photographs of album covers on iOS tablet and smartphone cameras and then to listen to songs on those albums. Recognized with numerous awards each year, TTNET Music was named “Online Music Service of the Year” at the Webrazzi awards. In addition, the service received the Silver Prize at LACP Magellan Awards, the “Honorary Mention Award” at PR News Social Media Icons and the “Best Music Web Site” award at Kadir Has University Technology Awards.

TTNET Game - Playstore

On Playstore, Turkey’s only digital gaming library, users access more than 1,000 games simultaneously with the rest of the world. Playstore also markets the games İstanbul Kıyamet Vakti, Icanfootball and Süpercan, produced by the company Sobee, which has been acquired by TTNET.


TTNET Book enhances the reading experience with special features such as social media access and reading out loud. TTNET Book currently offers over 5,000 book titles by more than 200 publishers to users. In 2015, in a first in Turkey, TTNET plans to convert into an electronic marketing platform for books, magazines, comic books, newspapers and academic publications.


An important feature of bundled offerings, TTNET Alo climbed to over 1 million subscribers in 2014. During the year, it became possible to freeze the TTNET Alo service along with DSL service.

TTNET Vitamin

TTNET Vitamin is Turkey's top online educational support service that assists elementary and high school students with home- and course-work over the Internet. The service is available by purchase, or through limited free use. Pursuant to the curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of National Education, TTNET Vitamin instructs through interactive exercises, makes learning easier and improves student success in school lessons and on exams.


TTNET ProG offers more than 100 certified occupational and personal development online training programs, along with foreign language instruction at every level and Istanbul University Online Certification Programs.

TTNET Security

TTNET Security’s product group includes Secure Internet Service, Family Protection Password and McAfee Virus Protection.

NETDISK Cloud Storage Service

NETDISK is a cloud storage service that allows users to back up, access from anywhere, and share their files with others.


In 2014, TTNET continued to support and add value to its business partners and customers via innovative business development initiatives.

Digital Payment Platforms

TTNET Ödeme: TTNET Ödeme (Payment) supports the burgeoning e-commerce market by providing a payment option through TTNET invoices. Thus, member businesses and TTNET subscribers can perform online shopping with TTNET assurance.

TTNET Poskur: Created by TTNET in collaboration with Iyzico, the virtual POS application TTNET Poskur allows e-commerce firms to easily connect to the virtual POS systems of contracted banks via a common platform. With advanced data security standards and effective fraud filters, TTNET Poskur provides full protection to e-commerce sites and their customers.

Cloud Solutions

Netsis Cloud ERP: Netsis Cloud ERP offers cloud solutions to SMEs, whereby small and medium enterprises can manage business processes quickly and efficiently online 7/24. This cooperation aims to ensure the use of ERP solutions via the cloud and to reduce costs.

E–Fatura Portal Çözümü: Developed through a collaboration betweenTTNET and İZİBİZ, the e-invoice solution E–Fatura Portal Çözümü operates in direct integration with the GİB e-invoice project. Companies deploying the program can use e-invoicing with full legal processes and also benefit from e-archive solutions free-of-charge.

PlusClouds: TTNET and PlusClouds jointly offer an online software store where all corporate users in Turkey can have access to the benefits of Cloud IT technologies. The PlusClouds Software Store features specialized software for various sectors such as law, public services, IT, education, health and trade.

HotelRunner: TTNET and HotelRunner joined forces to launch HotelRunner, a Cloud-based digital marketing and sales platform that helps hotels and travel agencies in Turkey benefit from an effective online presence.

Livesmart: TTNET launched the smart home and office solutions platform Livesmart, which offers integrated monitoring, control and measurement functionality. Customers are also provided residential assistance and alarm monitoring center services, in order to meet all their needs in end-to-end solutions and boost customer satisfaction.


"İnternetle Hayat Kolay (Life’s Simpler with the Internet)"

The TTNET initiative “İnternetle Hayat Kolay” resounded in the international arena, and was presented with five awards in 2013. This achievement was truly crowned with two grand prizes in 2014 when the project received the Global Sabre Award, figuring among the world's best 50 social responsibility projects for the year.

After becoming the first Turkish company to be accepted to the United Nation's Business Call to Action (BCtA) network in 2013 for this innovative project, TTNET raised the bar even higher in 2014. The “Herkes İçin İnternet (Internet for All)” initiative was named one of “20 Exemplary Projects” by BCtA and cited in UN’s global report.

This social responsibility project is designed to provide Internet literacy education to thousands of people who go online for the first time, in cooperation with the UNDP and Habitat Development and Governance Association. The objective is to help improve Internet literacy in Turkey and provide equal opportunities in access to information.

TTNET Volunteers

Established with the participation of all company departments, TTNET Volunteers has furnished volunteer educators to the “İnternetle Hayat Kolay” project since its inception, and assists in administering Internet education seminars across Turkey.

Engelsiz TTNET

As part of the "Engelsiz TTNET (Accessible TTNET)" initiative, which is designed to deploy communication technologies to help everyone enjoy equal opportunity in information access, TTNET upgrades its products and services to make them usable by disabled individuals, thus removing obstacles for the disabled to access information.

Under the "Engelsiz TTNET" project, TTNET added the Audio Described Films Folder to Tivibu Ev and TivibuGo, resulting in voice description features for the visually impaired, and subtitles and sign language support for the hearing impaired. Screen reading programs as well as talking TV remote controls and similar aids have helped enhance the TV experience for disabled individuals.


As in prior years, TTNET was deemed worthy of numerous international and national awards in 2014 in recognition of its innovative projects and initiatives. Presented with a total of 44 international awards, TTNET received 20 of these prizes for its communication and corporate social responsibility projects, and 24 were in recognition of the Company’s products and services.

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