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argelaEstablished Year: 2004

Business Segment: IT Product % Software Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

Argela operates as a research, development and innovation center in the field of nextgeneration telecommunications technologies, in particular for 5G and 5G enabling technologies.

Established in 2004, Argela joined Türk Telekom Group in 2007. Argela undertakes research, development and innovation activities in the field of next-generation telecommunications technologies, and develops intellectual property for 5G and 5G enabling technologies.

ProgRAN (Programmable Radio Access Networks)

The ProgRAN solution, which Argela has been developing for some time, provides a scalable and flexible architecture for 5G technologies, and thus will enable the provision of a high capacity, customized network and service solutions to address the mobile communication needs of the future.

Software-Defined Networking (MILAT) Project

Within the scope of the Software Defined Networks Project (MİLAT), Argela was to meet the cyber security needs of The Turkish Armed Forces within the framework of the agreement signed in 2015 with the Undersecretariat of Defense Industry and thus the activities continued in 2016 to develop a Software Defined Networks solution to be used in Public Security and 5G project infrastructures. Argela, made numerous patent applications to the US Patent and Trademark Office for ProgRAN and Software Defined Networks in 2016. Furthermore, “ON.Lab” that develops tools and platforms based on Software Defined Networks and Virtualization of Network Functions for networks and applications of various sizes, joined the Consortium. In two large scale projects of ON.Lab, Argela plays an active role with its solutions. Argela is one of the companies making important contributions to the 5G architectural design project “M-CORD” built within ON.Lab based on Software Defined Networks, Virtualization of Network Functions, and Cloud technologies. Argela’s partners in this project are the leading companies and telecom operators in the world, and the US based companies in particular.

Fourth Generation Communication System Development Project (ULAK)

In 2013, Argela for the first time entered into an industry other than telecommunications when it was selected to carry out the Fourth Generation (4G/4.5G) Communication System Development Project (ULAK) of the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries. Under this project, Argela cooperated with business associates to domestically develop all hardware and software components of base stations with LTE communication technology. These base stations will be used by both mobile operators and government and defense institutions. This project also aims to support Turkey’s strategic objective of becoming a mobile communication infrastructure exporter by developing LTE technology with domestic capital.

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