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More than 30 local and global sell-side analysts cover Türk Telekom.
We regularly update our analyst community on important market developments and meet our analysts in Turkey, Europe and the U.S. Analysts also attend our road-shows and equity conferences. You can see the full list of current analysts and their latest recommendations here.

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January 2013 study by an independent service provider shows that, Türk Telekom had over 220 institutional investors from all around the world. According to this survey, majority of the Turk Telekom investor base is Value Investors. Other styles with significant presence include Yield Investors, Growth Investors and GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price).



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  • 3,512mn TL revenue in Q3 2014 
  • 13.3 mn fixed access lines 
  • 7.5 mn fixed broadband lines 
  • 16.2 mn mobile subscribers 
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General Assembly
Information was
held on 27th of
May 2014.

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  • 12 December 2014 dated Regulatory Disclosure – Corporate Governance Rating 12/19/2014

    Turk Telekom successfully received an overall Corporate Governance rating of 8.72 as a result of an independent assessment by SAHA Corporate Governance and Credit Rating Company incorporated by Capital Markets Board of Turkey (CMB). Corporate Governance Rating was determined as a result of the examination made under four major topics (ShareHolders, Public Disclosure and Transparency, Stakeholders, Board of Directors) weighted differently within the framework of the CMB’s Corporate Governance principles. Breakdown of our corporate governance rating under major categories:


    Subcategories Weight (%) Rating
    Shareholders 25 8.45
    Public Disclosuer 25


    Stakeholders 15 8.40
    Bord of Directors 35


    Total 100 8.72


    This rating assigned to Turk Telekom based on the Corporate Governance Principles is a clear sign that our Company is compliant with CMB Corporate Governance Principles to a large extent, has put the necessary policies and precautions into effect.

  • 26 November 2014 dated Regulartoy Disclosure - Regarding UEFA 11/26/2014

    Our affiliate TTNET A.Ş. won UEFA Champions League (UCL) and UEFA Europe League (UEL), Turkey media rights for three seasons beginning with 2015-2016. UCL and UEL matches will be broadcast via our digital TV broadcasting platform, Tivibu. As per the agreement signed with UEFA, TRT will be our free-to-air partner.


    New Business Relationship (Supplier/Customer) Supplier2
    Name of the Supplier UEFA
    Commencement date of business relationship 2015-2016 season
    Material conditions in the agreement, if there is any -
    Impact of new business relationship on activities With the purchase of these media rights TTNET will enrich its TV content offered to its customers.


  • 12 November 2014 dated Regulatory Disclosure – Fitch Review 11/12/2014

    Fitch Ratings has affirmed our Long-term Foreign and Local Currency Issuer Default Ratings of ‘BBB-’ (investment grade) with Stable Outlook, and senior unsecured rating of “BBB-“, as part of a routine portfolio review process.

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Turkey’s Most Valuable Brand

Türk Telekom has continued its success in 2014, according to the research of "Most Valuable Companies of Turkey" conducted by Brand Finance, the British brand valuation consultancy company.

Products, services, success in regional growth, social responsibility projects that target to add value to Turkey and international awards render Turk Telekom as most valuable brand in Turkey. Turk Telekom, privatized at the end of the 2005, becomes "Most Valuable Brand" with its brand value of USD2.0 billion according the study of Brand Finance, the British brand valuation consultancy company. Turk Telekom continued its most valuable brand of Turkey position in this survey for 6 years.