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Turk Telekom Group Investor Relations

Turk Telekom provides national and international communication solutions customized for its users requirements.


More than 30 local and global sell-side analysts cover Türk Telekom.
We regularly update our analyst community on important market developments and meet our analysts in Turkey, Europe and the U.S. Analysts also attend our road-shows and equity conferences. You can see the full list of current analysts and their latest recommendations here.

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January 2013 study by an independent service provider shows that, Türk Telekom had over 220 institutional investors from all around the world. According to this survey, majority of the Turk Telekom investor base is Value Investors. Other styles with significant presence include Yield Investors, Growth Investors and GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price).



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  • Revenue Growth 11.8% YoY
  • Q2’16 Revenue TL 3.9 bn
  • Broadband Subscribers 8.3 mn
  • Mobile Subscribers 18 mn
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Ordinary General
Assembly Meeting
was hold on
May 16, 2016.

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  • 22 July 2016 dated Regulatory Disclosure_ Affirmation of our corporate rating and revision in outlook by S&P7/22/2016

    S&P Global Ratings has affirmed our company’s long term foreign currency corporate rating “BBB-” (investment grade) and revised the outlook from stable to negative. The outlook revision is driven by the revision in sovereign outlook.

  • 19 July 2016 dated Regulatory Disclosure - Appointment of Independent Board Member7/19/2016

    Our Company's Board of Directors has resolved that Fuat Oktay shall be appointed as an independent board member, in the capacity of real person board member, to the vacant board member position for the remaining term of office of the Board of Directors in accordance with Article 363 of Turkish Commercial Code as to be submitted to the approval of the General Assembly of our Company at the first upcoming General Assembly Meeting to be held and selected as Vice Chairman of Board.

    Fuat Oktay
    He was born in 1964 in Yozgat-Çekerek. After graduating from the business management department at Çukurova University in 1985, he worked as a research associate at the university.

    He completed a master's programme on Manufacturing Engineering and received his MBA in business management at the Wayne State University in 1990 in Detroit which is the center of automotive industry in USA.
    He also received his PhD on Industrial Engineering at the same University and became an expert on aviation and automotive industries.

    Throughout his stay in the US, he provided process management consultancy services to many companies and conducted many projects as the project leader. He worked in the automotive industry, at the companies such as Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. In these companies, he worked on product development and lean production projects.

    He provided consultancy services to many public and private sector companies. Moreover, he provided consultancy services to small and medium sized enterprises, including KOSGEB.

    In some of these companies, he served as Director General, Vice-Chairman and Board Member.
    During the economic crisis hitting Turkey in early 2000s, he specialized in enterprise-based crisis management, and worked as Vice-Dean and Head of the Business Management Department at Beykent University.
    He served as Deputy Director General responsible for Strategic Planning and Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Production Planning and Information Technologies, at Türk Hava Yolları (THY).

    Between 2008-2012, he has brought 5 different joint venture projects to life at THY Teknik A.Ş. in the fields of maintenance & repair, design and manufacturing.
    He also served as a Steering Committee Member for Turkish-English, Turkish-German and Turkish-Spanish Business Councils at Foreign Economic Relations Board.
    He performed as the Chairman of the Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management (AFAD) between January 2, 2012 and June 19, 2016.

    Since June 19, 2016, he has been working as the Prime Ministry Undersecretary and he speaks fluent English.

  • 14 July,2016 dated Regulatory Disclosure –Resignation of Board Member7/14/2016

    Our independent board member and Vice Chairman of Board, Kemal Madenoğlu has resigned.

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Turkey’s Most Valuable Telecommunication Brand Türk Telekom has continued its success in 2016, according to the research of "Most Valuable Companies of Turkey" conducted by Brand Finance, the British brand valuation consultancy company.

Türk Telekom has become once again “Turkey’s Most Valuable Telecoms Brand” on the 2016 list of “Turkey’s Most Valuable Brands – Turkey 100” published annually by international brand valuation company Brand Finance. Achieving to entitle ‘Turkey’s Most Valuable Telecoms Brand” for 8 consecutive years, Türk Telekom once again proved to be Turkey’s “leading communication and entertainment technologies company.”