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January 2013 study by an independent service provider shows that, Türk Telekom had over 220 institutional investors from all around the world. According to this survey, majority of the Turk Telekom investor base is Value Investors. Other styles with significant presence include Yield Investors, Growth Investors and GARP (Growth at a Reasonable Price).



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  • 3,300 mn revenue in Q2 2014
  • 13.4 mn fixed access line
  • 7.4 mn fixed broadband lines
  • 15.8 mn mobile subscribers
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General Assembly
Information was
held on 27th of
May 2014.

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  • 15 September 2014 dated Regulatory Disclosure - Organizational Changes 9/16/2014

    Our company completed the second phase of integration process designed around sustainable growth strategy with customer oriented approach. This strategy sets Türk Telekom apart from the competition as the Group will be able to effectively offer a "one stop shop" that truly fulfills all the customers' needs and requirements.

    In the scope of phase two, sales and customer care functions were integrated and new organizational changes were announced while keeping legal entities of Türk Telekom, TTNET and Avea as they are, and in full compliance with the governing legislations.

    The following positions are established and redefined at TTNET;
    • Chief Consumer Sales Officer in charge of mobile and fixed consumer sales operations,
    • Chief Consumer Customer Care Officer in charge of mobile and fixed consumer customer care services,
    • Chief Corporate Commercial Officer in charge of corporate marketing, corporate sales and corporate customer care functions.

    In relation to the restructuring;
    Hüseyin Balcı, in the capacity of TTNET Chief Consumer Sales Officer, will lead all fixed and mobile consumer sales functions.

    Orçun Onat, in the capacity of TTNET Chief Consumer Customer Care Officer, will lead the management of all fixed and mobile consumer customer care services.

    Mehmet Ali Akarca, in the capacity of TTNET Chief Corporate Commercial Officer, will lead all fixed and mobile corporate marketing, corporate sales and corporate customer care functions.

    TTNET General Manager Abdullah Orkun Kaya has resigned; TTNET CFO Kaan Aktan, in addition to his current roles and responsibilities, will assume the roles and responsibilities of the General Manager while the new organizational structure foreseen for TTNET in the overall integration program is being implemented.

    Şahin Şen has resigned his post as TTNET's Chief Technology Officer. Coşkun Şahin, in addition to Türk Telekom and Avea Technology, Network and Operations organizations which he leads in the capacity of Türk Telekom Technology VP, shall be responsible also for TTNET Technology organization.

    Cemil Yıldırım, Avea Chief Administrative Affairs Officer, shall report to Türk Telekom Support Services VP.

    Legal VP Ahmet Bülter has resigned his post and new replacement will be announced shortly.

    TTNET Chief Consumer Sales Officer Ali Yılmaz has resigned his post.

    Ali Yılmaz and Ahmet Bülter will continue to serve the Group in advisory capacity.

    Ramazan Demir shall be appointed as Türk Telekom Regulation VP.

  • 5 September 2014 dated Regulatory Disclosure - ICTA decision on TTNET 9/5/2014

    As a result of an investigation, ICTA has decided that our subsidiary TTNET A.Ş. should pay TL 30,466,076.38 TL administrative fine and should refund TL 111,881,694.85 to its customers who were churned involuntarily. A provision has been booked regarding the refund in the previous quarters, therefore net income is not expected to be affected. Legal procedure regarding the fine will be determined seperately and announced to public later on.

  • 24 July, 2014 dated Regulatory Disclosure - S&P RATING 7/24/2014

    Standard & Poor's Ratings Services (S&P) concluded its CreditWatch with positive implications and raised its long term foreign currency corporate credit rating of our company to 'BBB-' (investment grade) from 'BB+'. The outlook is negative mirroring that of the sovereign. S&P also raised the rating of our company’s long term foreign currency senior unsecured debt rating to 'BBB-' from 'BB+'.


    The rating assigned by S&P to our company is now one notch above the sovereign rating. Our company already has an investment grade rating (BBB-) from Fitch Ratings.


    You can see the related Press Release attached.


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Turkey’s Most Valuable Brand

Türk Telekom has continued its success in 2014, according to the research of "Most Valuable Companies of Turkey" conducted by Brand Finance, the British brand valuation consultancy company.

Products, services, success in regional growth, social responsibility projects that target to add value to Turkey and international awards render Turk Telekom as most valuable brand in Turkey. Turk Telekom, privatized at the end of the 2005, becomes "Most Valuable Brand" with its brand value of USD2.0 billion according the study of Brand Finance, the British brand valuation consultancy company. Turk Telekom continued its most valuable brand of Turkey position in this survey for 6 years.