Türk Telekom’s Sustainability Approach

In addition to achieving a strong financial performance, Türk Telekom has acknowledged the creation of value for its stakeholders as one of the key pillars of sustainability and has adopted a long-term perspective on sustainability goals.

Identifying the sustainability effects of its activities on economic, corporate, environmental and social axes, Türk Telekom determines its policies by taking into consideration the expectations of all its stakeholders in these areas. The Company shapes its policies in the light of its responsibilities, obligations and duties to the environment, its employees, all stakeholders and society.

Türk Telekom aims to fully integrate the universal principles of sustainability into its business model, strategies and corporate decisions. The Company implements a wide array of projects and initiatives it has designed in this direction, within the framework of close cooperation with its stakeholders.

Aiming to touch all segments of society and eliminate the digital gap in society with the principle of “accessible communication for all”, Türk Telekom fulfils its corporate social responsibility by contributing to access to information for all segments of society who have difficulties in participating in social life due to economic, social, regional or physical reasons.

Türk Telekom continues to transform its business processes and office applications in line with sustainable innovation principles with the aim of leaving a habitable world to future generations. Believing in the importance of people-centric and environment-oriented working conditions, the Company views the inclusion of all its employees, their families, suppliers and customers - in short, its stakeholders - in this process as part of its strategy.

Beyond its function as a telecommunications operator, Türk Telekom, one of the key players in the transition to an information society, takes into account the principles and requirements of quality, the environment, occupational health and safety and customer satisfaction management systems in all of its business processes.

With its strong corporate governance perspective, Türk Telekom exerts the utmost effort to protect the rights of stakeholders, regulated by the relevant legislation and mutual agreements, in its transactions and activities. In cases where the rights of stakeholders cannot be protected by legislation and mutual agreements, they are protected within the framework of goodwill rules and Universal Human Rights, and within the limits of Company’s possibilities.

In this sense, Türk Telekom’s cooperation with international initiatives increasingly continues. Türk Telekom is a member of the FTSE4Good index and the BIST Sustainability Index.

As a party to the United Nations Global Compact, the Company has made a commitment to act in accordance with the ten basic universal principles in the fields of Human Rights, Working Conditions, Environment and Anti-Corruption.

Türk Telekom also carries out studies aimed at using energy resources efficiently and reducing carbon emissions systematically. In this context, the Company carries out CDP reporting each year. According to the latest report which is based on 2019 data and prepared by the global e-Sustainability Initiative GeSI, which is active in the field of sustainability, the Company has become one of the few operators in the world that has reduced electricity consumption in recent years, despite the increase in customer number and bandwidth.​