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assisttEstablished Year: 2007

Business Segment: Customer services and call center

Türk Telekom share: 100%

Employee Number: 9.757

Web Site:

AssisTT was founded in 2007. In addition to offering traditional call center services, AssisTT has also become a strategic partner for its clients by providing valuable data to guide their sales and marketing activities. The company creates value with end-to-end customized services delivered to sector leading private enterprises and public institutions.

Aside from Türk Telekom Group companies, AssisTT provides call center services to leading institutions and organizations.

AssisTT, at June 2016, won the Gold Medal for Contact Center World EMEA Awards for being the Best Mega Sized Outsourced Contact Center Company.

AssisTT contributes to Turkey’s economic development by providing employment to thousands with in its investments all around Turkey. AssisTT also is moving closer to become the brand that sets the call center standards with a robust technological infrastructure, efficient human resource management and service excellence approach.

Performance Indicators

Year Production
2014 460 Milyon
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