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innovaEstablished Year: 1999

Business Segment IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share 100%

Web Site:

Climbing to 16th place among ICT TOP 500 IT companies, Innova ranked among the top 5 in a total of 12 categories under the main categories of hardware, software and service.

Innova IT Solutions is Turkey’s leading software developer and systems integrator. The company operates two main offices, in Istanbul and Ankara, as well as being present in 12 other locations across Turkey. It recently became the only company ever to have been named on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50, an index of the fastest growing Turkish technology companies, for eleven straight years. Innova delivers end-to-end solutions to meet all the IT requirements of Turkey’s leading companies in the telecoms, finance, public, health, retail and sports sectors. It also increased the number of countries that it exports to 37 on four continents.

Eight More Awards to Innova in 2016

In 2016 Innova was deemed worthy of several awards given by research companies focused on the Turkish IT sector and by its international solutions partners. In addition to the awards given by Deloitte and EuroCloud, Innova won the following:

  • LinkPlus “Oracle Partner Achievement Award” (2016)
  • Cisco 2015 “Architectural Excellence: Enterprise Networks” Award (2016)
  • Cisco “Cloud Partner of the Year” Award (2016)
  • Fortinet “Managed Security Service Provider of the Year” Award (2016)
  • Cisco “Cloud Builder Partner of the Year” Award (2016)
  • SAP “Highest Revenue Growth” Award (2016)
  • HPE “Partner of the Year: Telecommunications” Award (2016)
  • HPE Turkey - FY16 - “Partner of the Year” (2016)

Some of the Major Projects Carried Out in 2016

Türk Telekom Smart Stores and Infrastructure Project

This project covered Türk Telekom’s stores and focused on the installation of all data infrastructure and IT devices, Türk Telekom-TTNET-Avea new system definitions, and supply, installation and operationalization of DS monitors. A digital signage network consisting of 4,600 monitors across a total of 820 Türk Telekom stores was set up. Additionally, Smart Store IoT solutions including People Counting System, Personnel Monitoring System, Signage Lighting Automation, Biometric (Fingerprint) Systems Access and Reporting were also operationalized.

Türk Telekom “Kredi Yurtlar Kurumu” PCRF Project

The objective of this project was to develop a scalable portal integrated with Cisco PCRF products, thereby providing wireless internet access to both administrators and students staying at Kredi ve Yurtlar Kurumu - KYK (General Directorate of Higher Education Credit and Hostels Institution) dormitories. Accessible by 450,000 students at 81 dormitories over mobile and desktop devices, the portal provides value-added services, including location-based services, quota monitoring, and 802.1x identity authentication. Additionally, the portal was integrated with user provisioning, troubleshooting and other KYK and TT systems.

Mersin City Hospital Project

The Mersin City Hospital, which has a capacity of 1,256 beds, is constructed under a Public-Private partnership initiated by the Ministry of Health. In this project, Türk Telekom is responsible for setting up the Hospital’s data center, as well as the development and management of the entire network infrastructure and software programs, supplying all IT devices (tablets, digital signage, queue management system, and information kiosks, PCs) that will be used by Ministry of Health personnel, in addition to the data entries of 250 employees.
Within the framework of this project, the Company also provides additional services, such as a review of software, process control, and software development to ensure Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) products and services are procured in compliance with the Ministry of Health’s contract. Türk Telekom will undertake HIMS operations management for a period of 5 years.

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