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argelaEstablished Year: 1988

Business Segment: E-Education Content

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

As Turkey’s largest educational technologies company Sebit contributes to the educationaltransformation of Turkey through innovative and effective use of technology.

As Turkey’s largest educational technologies company, boasting 29 years of R&D experience and an international organizational structure, Sebit contributes to the educational transformation in Turkey by deriving strength from the synergy within Türk Telekom, and also through the innovative and effective use of technology. As a subsidiary of Türk Telekom, Sebit plays an active role not only in Turkey, but also abroad with the educational solutions it has been developing since its inception, and offers national and international solutions designed to deliver social benefit and meet individual needs.

Having realized numerous groundbreaking achievements to date, Sebit is one of the main players -in Turkey and worldwide- of the transformation objective in the education sector, with the vision of “IT Supported Interactive Education”.

While the Company’s brand awareness startingwith Akademedia in 1998 increased with Vitamin, its product and service portfolio has been expanding steadily and shaping educational transformation.

Sebit plays a leading role in Turkey with its educational products and services, and is proud to be behind the development of numerous firsts. These include Turkey’s first computer assisted education application, the first numerical video application in education, the first 3-D animation application, the first 2-D educational game, the first 3-D educational game -Piri the Explorer Ship- and the first educational search engine. Sebit’s educational products, which are developed by a staff of 221 professionals based at METU (Middle East Technical University) Teknokent in Ankara and the Arizona State University-Skysong Innovation Center (U.S.A.), are used by many students and teachers worldwide.

Conducting its studies with a highly competent and creative workforce, Sebit has proven its pioneer role with numerous awards, and is recognized as one of the best educational technology companies in the world.

Raunt: a new generation university exam preparation product

Developed by Sebit, Raunt is the first and only customized university exam preparation product in Turkey. Raunt was launched in the retail market and also offered to private and public school students, who are preparing for the university exam. Following the product development and improvement efforts undertaken in 2016, Raunt is now offered to 50 thousand users in the private schools market.

Offering a personalized counseling service, customized study plans and rich content, the website and Raunt Mobile Application are designed to prepare students for Higher Education (YGS) and Undergraduate Placement (LYS) Exams throughout the preparation process. Raunt combines the teaching and testing program of an ambitious exam preparation center, the undivided attention of a private tutor, and the guidance provided by an experienced adviser in a single set, bringing it right into the homes of prospective university students.

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