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Türk Telekom International

assisttAcquired: 2010

Business Segment: Wholesale and Data Capacity Provider

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

Türk Telekom International is Türk Telekom Group’s subsidiary in charge of international wholesale voice and data sales and marketing. Acquired by the Group in 2010, the company operated as Pantel International before being rebranded as Türk Telekom International (TTI) on May 1, 2013.

Türk Telekom International delivers a full range of Internet data services, customer management from a single center, integrated networking operations, infrastructure and wholesale voice services to established operators, alternative carriers, mobile operators, cable TV companies, Internet service providers and corporate customers in over 40 countries spread across Central and Eastern Europe, Turkey, the Middle East and the Caucasus.

Thanks to a fiber optic network that exceeds 40,000 km, Türk Telekom International provides a major contribution to Turkey’s goal of becoming a telecoms bridge and data hub between Europe and Asia, while strengthening the country’s global standing in the industry. The network is located primarily in Central and Eastern Europe countries.

Capitalizing on the power of the Türk Telekom brand, wellknown not only in the region, but also on a global scale, the Company maintained its strategy of expansion towards the Middle East and Asia in 2015, further reinforcing its position as the region’s dominant player.


Türk Telekom International received the “Best Project in the Middle East” award at the 2014 Capacity Global Carrier Awards for the AMEER (Alternative Middle-East-Europe-Route) initiative, implemented through a territorial consortium model with countries in the region. The project provides a backed-up, rapid and secure alternative route between Dubai and Frankfurt, merging landbased and sub-marine infrastructures. With the expansion of the consortium in 2015, the DubaiSingapore line was also added to the route, and as a result, a continuous new route was established between Asia and Europe under the leadership of Türk Telekom International. The resulting new system was dubbed AMEER-S, to underscore the inclusion of Singapore.

New Route Between Europe and Asia

The telecoms link with minimum- latency between Europe and Asia passes through Turkey, Iran, Pakistan and China. In order to establish this route, which will provide connections in countries without access to underwater cables, such as Afghanistan, Caucasian nations, Eastern European countries and Turkic republics, work initiated in 2014 continued in 2015 jointly with ChinaTelecom Global and the dominant telecoms operators of Pakistan and Iran. The route will be commissioned upon the completion of efforts concerning transactions between China-Pakistan and Pakistan-Iran.


Türk Telekom International has joined the consortium SEA-ME-WE-5 as a full member. The cable system SEA-ME-WE-5 derives its name from the initials of Southeastern Asia-Middle East-Western Europe and is scheduled for launch in 2016. It will interconnect 18 nations along 20 thousand kilometers spanning Asia and Europe.

The cable system will deploy the latest technologies, be open to development and will enjoy an initial capacity of 24 terabyte/s. With the participation of Türk Telekom International in the consortium, a station of the SEA-ME-WE-5 submarine cable system will be established in the Turkish city of Marmaris. Other operators on the cable will be offered an alternative route to Western Europe and the opportunity to access other countries via Turkey. By joining this largescale project, which will create a direct connection between Turkey and fast-growing Asian countries, Türk Telekom International helps the country to gain an immense strategic advantage.

Best Carrier in Eastern Europe

At the Global Carrier Awards 2015, held by Capacity Magazine and seen as the premier event dedicated to the international wholesale telecommunications industry, Türk Telekom International received the “Best Eastern European Carrier” and the “Best Sales Team” designations.

The “Best Eastern European Carrier” award was presented to the company in recognition of the Innovative and visionary development strategy implemented, and for its outstanding performance throughout the European wholesale telecoms marketplace for three years in succession.

The “Best Sales Team” award is a reflection of international wholesale telecoms circles’ appreciation of the Türk Telekom International Sales Team, and a recognition of its performance as a pioneering team that helps Türk Telekom International sign new cooperation agreements and enter new markets, becoming a provider of the best service to customers with diverse needs and demands across a vast geography, and growing year after year over the recent period.

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