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assisttYear of Establishment: 2007

Business Segment: Customer services and call center

Türk Telekom share: 100%

Web Site:

Established in 2007, AssisTT determines the standards in the call centre sector with its effective human resources management, strong technological infrastructure and perfectionist service approach.

AssisTT, which offers solutions to its customers as a “strategic partner” in many areas such as sales and marketing, social media management, face-to-face services, revenue management, quality management, new technologies and digital solutions beyond traditional call centre functions, continues its activities as a “Customer Experience Centre”.

AssisTT provides technical infrastructure, interactive voice response (IVR), seat rental, payroll services, training, recruitment, speech analysis, customer experience services to private companies and public institutions which are leaders in their fields with its expertise in the finance, e-commerce, transport and logistics, health, energy, media, consumption and retail sectors, in addition to its significant experience in the telecommunications sector.

Rapid adaptation and digital transformation

AssisTT quickly adapted to the new normal with its strong technological infrastructure during the Covid-19 pandemic that has taken hold of the whole world. Putting its digital transformation into practice in many areas before the pandemic, AssisTT provided all of its employees with the necessary technical equipment and infrastructure, and enabled them to work from home. AssisTT has been implementing the “work from home” model with all employees since March 2020 and has been redesigning its processes to take account of changing needs.

AssisTT adapts to the new normal with the digital bridges it builds

AssisTT, which moved its recruitment processes to digital platforms before the Covid-19 pandemic, put Turkey’s first interview base, the “FAST TO FACE” platform into practice.

The “FAST TO FACE” platform, which provides communication with candidates from 81 provinces of Turkey without the need to be in the same place, has brought a great novelty to the sector and also minimised the effects of the challenging processes caused by the pandemic.

A first in the industry - the “Call Centre School”

AssisTT aims to contribute to the qualified workforce of our country by offering its know-how and experience to the service of the sector through the “Call Centre School” that it established within its organisation. The Call Centre School, the educational content of which is created entirely by the AssisTT Academy, plans to provide training to the sector professionals, the students of the call centre departments of universities and anyone who is interested in the sector.

The Call Centre School, established in line with the distance education model and moved to digital platform during the pandemic, provides training opportunities for all those seeking to develop themselves about the sector.

Rapid growth in the private sector and rollout in public sector continue

AssisTT continued to rapidly expand its portfolio of partnerships in the public and private sectors with new additions. In 2020, the Company started to serve D-Smart, Hepsiburada, Arçelik, BNP Paribas Cardif, Ziraat Bank, ZTE Netaş in the private sector and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the General Directorate of Mining and Petroleum Affairs in the public sector.

AssisTT’s activities win acclaim in the national and global arena

AssisTT once again crowned its activities with a clutch of awards in 2020. The Company won two separate first prizes in the categories of “The Best Call Centre”, and “The Best Customer Services” with its Türksat Cable TV project in the EMEA finals of the Contact Centre World Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the international call centre sector.

In 2020, AssisTT also qualified for the Great Place to Work 2020 Certificate

AssisTT was granted the first prize of “Outsourcing Service of the Year Category” in the main category of the “Turkey-Based Manufacturer” in the Bilişim 500, Turkey’s leading sector survey. AssisTT ranked 21st in the Bilişim 500 overall ranking (on the basis of sales revenues).

Contributions to employment continue at full pace

AssisTT, which contributes to the development of the economy by providing employment for thousands of people through its investments in Anatolia, opened up new locations in Van and Diyarbakır in 2020. The Company created 5,500 new jobs in 2020.

In addition to creating an important source of employment for the country with its approximately 14,000 employees, AssisTT also sets itself apart in terms of equal opportunity, with women comprising 58% of its employees.​

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