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assisttEstablished Year: 2007

Business Segment: Customer services and call center

Türk Telekom share: 100%

Web Site:

Founded in 2007, AssisTT provides call center services, as well as end-to-end and customized “value-added” services to sector leading private companies and public institutions as a “strategic partner”. AssisTT provides services such as Technical Infrastructure, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Software, Seat Rental, Payroll Services, Training, Recruitment, Speech Analysis, 11818 Directory Data Update and Enrichment, Customer Experience services as well as classic call center services.

Accurate and powerful steps towards strategic goals with the MHRS (Central Hospital Appointment System) project

AssistTT won the Ministry of Health MHRS (Central Hospital Appointment System) tender in February 2018. The inauguration of the MHRS project, which was completed in Erzincan, was realized with the participation of Binali Yıldırım, the Prime Minister at the time, and AssistTT started to offer services within the scope of the project.

In April 2018, AssisTT restarted to service the Ministry of Family and Social Policies, which had been served in previous years. With this operation, the Gaziantep and Sakarya locations started to provide services.

Growth in the financial sector gaining momentum

AssisTT expanded its financial sector business partnership portfolio with new participation in 2018. In addition to Vakıfbank in its portfolio, the Company started to provide services for Yapı Kredi and Burgan Bank. AssisTT was awarded the Halkbank tender in 2018, and will start providing services in 2019.

Continuing to increase the number of partners

AssisTT won the tender for the foreign operations of the Çiçek Sepeti (Lola Flora) in September to serve 7 countries in 6 languages (English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and French) through its Albanian/Tirana location.

AssisTT’s activities have won recognition and been exemplified on a global and national scale

AssisTT’s activities received appreciation and admiration on both a national and global scale in 2018 and won numerous awards.

Contact Center World Awards:

  • In the EMEA finals of the Contact Center World Awards, one of the most prestigious award ceremonies worldwide,
  • “Best Large Sized Outsourced Call Center” (Gold)
  • “Best Public Service” (Gold)
  • “Best Self-Service Technology” (Gold)
  • “Best Customer Services” (Silver)
  • “Best Quality Team Leader” (Silver)
  • National Awards
  • Employee Loyalty Achievement Award (Aon Hewitt)
  • Gold Earpiece: I Love This Job Because ... (Call Center Association)
  • Contribution to Employment Award: Erzincan Call Center (Ministry of Labor and Social Security)
  • Erzincan Location In LEED Green Building Certification Project: Platinum Certificate

Continuing to contribute to employment

AssisTT contributes to the development of the economy by employing thousands of people with investments in Anatolia. With its strong technological infrastructure, effective human resource management, and an excellent service approach, AssisTT is well on its way to becoming a brand that sets call center standards.

To this end, AssisTT has won awards in recognition of its Erzincan call center, which employs more than 1,050 staff. The General Manager of AssisTT received a plaque from the Minister for Labor and Social Security.​​​

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