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innovaYear of Establishment: 1999

Business Segment: IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:

İnnova makes a difference in the digital transformation of companies with its ICT solutions

Since the very first day of its foundation in 1999, İnnova Bilişim Çözümleri A.Ş. has been one of the leading IT solutions company in Turkey with its innovative solutions, offering competitive, cost and profitability advantages to support corporations in their digital transformation journey.

With the vision of shaping the requirements of the sector and customers, İnnova aims to maximize customer experience by offering end-to-end IT solutions.

Strengthening its position by becoming a 100% Türk Telekom subsidiary as of 2007, İnnova continues its journey by expanding through its investments in new business lines.

İnnova operates from its headquarter offices in İstanbul and Ankara, as well as its support offices in 12 different cities with about 1,400 expert team. Continuously investing in its qualified personnel, the Company pays great attention for its employees to hold the latest technology certifications.

İnnova offers services in a range of areas, particularly the telecommunication, finance, banking, insurance, retail, energy, automotive, manufacturing, service and various public sectors.

With its competence in the fields of artificial intelligence technologies, big data and data analytics, İnnova serves with the following brands;

PayFlex İnnova in the field of fintech solutions such as payment, loyalty and collection,

SkywaveIoT in the field of internet of things,

LEGA in administrative and legal receivables follow-up,

HICAMP in the field of health IT and hospital management,

AvioFlex in the field of aviation technologies

Moreover, the Company offers a wide range of end-to-end solutions regarding Mobile Wallet, Biometric Signature, E-Solution, Loyalty, Dealer Management Services, Document Management, Treasury Portal, Portal Management, Enterprise Transaction Centre, Joint Bank and Credit Platform, Arena and Virtual POS (Point of Sale).

İnnova also provides manageable services, outsourcing and consultancy services along with local and national product software. With respect to system integration, the Company operates in areas such as hardware, Kiosk & Digital Signage and infrastructure services. In terms of third-party products and services, the Company operates in areas such as SAP, Business Intelligence, CRM, IT Governance and Project Management.

İnnova is contributing to Turkey’s technological advancement with its domestic and national solutions

With its 100% domestic and nationally engineered technology solutions, İnnova contributes significantly to Turkey’s national technological move and the country’s achievement of its export goals. Adding value to its customers, employees and society, the Company exports its products and services to 37 countries on 4 continents. İnnova maintains its presence abroad with projects in Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates as well as kiosks in Greece.

İnnova is a member of the Cyber Security Cluster of Turkey, which was established under the leadership of the Presidency of Defence Industries to develop the cyber security ecosystem in Turkey. İnnova continues to contribute to the cyber security of our country, while cyber security becomes more important with each passing day in an era where technological developments and use of internet are increasing at a spectacular pace.

İnnova crowned its 2020 performance with awards

Three Big Awards to İnnova from Bilişim 500

In view of the 2020 results of the survey conducted on the basis of annual sales revenues of companies operating in the IT sector in Turkey, İnnova won the first place award in the ERP software, Business Applications and Consultancy sub categories of the main category of the System Integrator and Business Partner. The Company rose to 24th rank (based on sales revenues) in the Bilişim 500 overall ranking, which includes leading technology companies.

“Artificial Intelligence in Operation” project took place among five finalists in the TM Forum Excellence Awards, the Data & Analytics category

The “Artificial Intelligence in Operation” project, carried out with Türk Telekom and being the first of its kind in the sector in Turkey, was among the five finalists in the category of “Artificial Intelligence, Data & Analytics” at the TM Forum Excellence Awards. The same project was published as a case study on the “Artificial Intelligence in Operation” TM Forum website.

İnnova got accepted into IEEE International BlackSeaCom

İnnova’s academic article publication, which aims to capture the anomalies in the SSG (Service Selection Gateway) infrastructure in the broadband segment, gained acceptance from the “IEEE International Black Sea Conference on Communications and Networking” Conference, which will be held for the 8th time this year.

Featured Projects

FİTAS (Contact and Isolation Tracing System)

The FITAS application, which was rapidly developed by İnnova in 2020 to ensure regular monitoring of the health data of individuals who have been in contact with Covid-19 positive people, aims to reduce the risk of patients transmitting the virus to others and provide isolation conditions.

Turkey was among the first countries to adopt and use a contact tracing application, adopting it as a principle. The filiation teams follow cases who are Covid-19 positive and the contacted individuals at the closest point to their location through the FITAS application. Physicians working with positive cases regularly monitor the health status of the patients’ family members, colleagues at work, and those they have been in contact with. The FITAS application enables the teams to reach more cases by simplifying both the tracking and the testing of positive cases and those with whom they have come into contact, and this way ensuring the testing teams to reach more cases.

The HES (Life Fits into Home) Application

The Life Fits into Home application, which was developed for citizens to live their lives safely in all social settings, was another project once again demonstrating İnnova’s agile structure and capacity in responding to needs.

The application allows citizens to view the risk status and disease intensity in the region where they live, or in the location where they wish to go to through a map. In addition to the intensity of risk, the HES application also helps citizens find locations for urgent needs such as hospitals, pharmacies, stores and public transportation.

With the smart algorithms developed, the users can add their families or relatives to the lists in the application upon their approval and ensure their safety as well by keeping them away from risky areas. In addition to the daily coronavirus figures, the application also generates the HES Code which is used when traveling. 

The Population and Citizenship Affairs Project

İnnova provides maintenance and operational support for all hardware and software under the General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Affairs and 922 provincial organisations, enabling them to provide a 24/7 service.

İnnova provides a seamless end-to-end service for:

The Central Population Management System (MERNIS),

Identity Sharing System (KPS),

Address Registration System (AKS),

E-Citizenship System (EVS),

Biometric Data Path System (BVYS),

Spatial Address Registration System (MAKS),

Card Management System (KYS),

Passport Management System (PYS),

Driver’s License Management System (SBYS).

Under the project, an average of 80,000 applications are received and an average of 45,000 cards are printed on a daily basis.

HICAMP ARC (Integrated Health Campus Intensive Care Expert System)

The Intensive Care Expert System in Turkey recently assumed critical importance and has seen greater demand from both public and private Hospitals, particularly city hospitals. The rapidly increasing importance of intensive care units during the Covid-19 pandemic is another indicator of the growing need for specialised systems.

The HICAMP ARC Next Generation Smart Intensive Care System has recently developed and put into use at the request of the Ministry of Health to provide an intensive care expert system in City Hospitals projects. Developed locally and nationally with the support of R&D engineers, academic consultancy and health professionals, HICAMP ARC delivers integrated patient data collected from intensive care devices to health-care personnel as accurately and rapidly as possible, thanks to smart health technologies. The HICAMP ARC is successfully used in over 100 intensive care beds.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking)

The Software-Defined Wide Area Networking project (SD-WAN) is a special application of software-defined networking (SDN) technology where it is applied to WAN connections such as broadband internet, 4G, LTE or MPLS. The application connects business networks, including branch offices and data centres, spreading over large geographical distances. The main objective of the project is to achieve flexibility, security, easy installation and management in meeting the access needs of remote office networks.

İnnova targeted 24/7 installation on the 1,750 end locations with the Ministry of Agriculture SD-WAN Project which it carried out in this context. The rural locations under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture approached the Ministry through the General Directorate that they are affiliated to, and accessed the internet.

In the Petrol Ofisi SD-WAN Project, an end-to-end solution was provided by an installation on 24/7 basis with six different types of commissioning including DSL, LTE, satellite connection configuration, device supply and its logistics, daily reporting, post-installation monitoring and on-site support service at 1,780 locations.

Ministry of Customs RSS Project

İnnova developed an appointment system to cut the vehicle queues forming at border gate crossings, which can extend for kilometers. With the web-based portal and mobile application developed, waiting times were brought down and a certain order was created thanks to the appointment system.

General Directorate of State Airports Authority (DHMI) Project

İnnova offered solutions consisting of hardware and software that enable receiving, processing and recording of digital and analogue signals with the “Signal Recording and Processing System” as the project it developed for the DHMI. Within the scope of the project, the system which is able to work round the clock, 365 days a year, offering the functions of recording, instant status monitoring, sound recording, advanced filtering methods and advanced voice recording, with ease of transition from analogue-based systems to digital systems thanks to the structure compatible with both analogue and digital systems, gone live.

For the “Signal Recording and Processing System” training and test VCS, VRS was installed at Dalaman APP/TWR, Bodrum APP/TWR, Antalya APP/TWR, Menderes APP/TWR, Yeşilköy APP/Atatürk TWR and Ankara ACC/Esenboğa APP areas.

Predictive Maintenance in Operation Project

The project which is developed by İnnova aims to prevent faults from occurring or to resolve faults rapidly by detecting potential faults in telecommunication devices used in the field in advance. With the project, which uses software with open-source coding and AI-supported big data platforms, it is aimed to ensure detection of more than 60% of the potential failures two days in advance, increasing the operational efficiency by 15% and reducing the service interruptions by 10%, thus providing customers with a more seamless service.

Analysis on the Net Project

NOVA is a Service Quality Management platform, which collects XDSL and FTTH service performance data from various DSLAM and GPON devices. NOVA collects over 100 different network parameters, performs key performance indicator calculations and automatically optimizes the user’s internet bandwidth along with a set of rules. Under the project, more than 170 thousand DSLAM devices serving 10.5 million subscribers are managed. Within the scope of the project, the number of ports requiring optimisation was decreased from 6.75% to 1.63% within two weeks and up to 60% improvement in internet speed and 10% improvement in line stability and consistency are achieved. 

The Health Tourism Project

The Health Tourism Portal offers the health tourism consumers worldwide the facility of being able to call health care providers or agencies, view the patient history as a registered user and to communicate and receive information concerning the health service cost and plan. The Usaş Patient Management Application, developed within the scope of the project, provides follow-up of processes for those receiving health-care services, including treatment planning, details of the service fees, travel and accommodation management, patient admission and the treatment and discharge management for the patients. The Portal contains 306 service providing facilities and 5 broker organisations. Data entry for 19 facilities was approved and the profiles of 18 facilities are under the approval process. The portal will be opened to patients, once the entry of hospitals’ data is completed.

EASYS (Access Infrastructure Order Management System)

The EASYS application includes many modules, notably exploration, additional protocol and progress payment processes, which are carried out within the scope of the construction, maintenance and repair contracts of Türk Telekom access networks, amounting to a total 1 billion TL throughout Turkey. EASYS, which is actively used within Türk Telekom and is one of the Company’s high-volume projects, allows for system automation and time saving while eliminating human error.

The IKA Lega Project

The IKA Lega project aims to manage the receivables of violated crossings on the İzmir-Çandarlı Highway (North Aegean). The project ensures effective follow-up of the tolls, fines and other receivables emanating from violations, starting with the actualisation of the violation and till the end of legal process. With the IKA Lega, over 60 thousand unpaid toll fees were collected in the first 4 months without entering into the legal process.

Vodafone Cyprus - Biometric Signature

İnnova’s Biometric Signature solution allows subscribers to digitalize contracts and forms filled in with wet signature on paper for after-sales transactions, and for these forms to be signed with a digital signature containing biometric data on the products such as tablets or smart phones. This solution in question allows the signature and document encrypted through cryptographic methods to become more secure, while also reducing paper consumption.

Channel Document Management System

The Channel Document Management System provides a time and cost advantage by automating document processes. Documents coming and going from different channels are followed up and archived through the same system. Within the scope of the project, 40,000 user logins, 22,355 page-scans, 18,749 e-signature submissions and 91,000 transactions are performed every day.

Mobile Wallet

Meeting the expectations of those who want to ensure the security of their information while completing their payment transactions smoothly, mWallet (mobile wallet) provides a strong and secure infrastructure for payment and money transfer transactions.

mWallet brings all payment instruments such as credit cards and debit cards together on a single platform while removing the need to carry cash. Available to both end-user and member businesses, the PayFlex mWallet offers an array of advantages to them at member stores such as discounted shopping and earning bonuses as they spend.

PayFlex mWallet has flexible and convenient functions with the multi-user support for multiple employees for member businesses, allowing to receive fixed or variable payments. Moreover instant notification on payments is sent to the relevant user.​​

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