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innovaEstablished Year: 1999

Business Segment IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share 100%

Web Site:

İnnova, the information technology solutions provider of Türk Telekom, provides the technology support needed by institutions in the path to digital transformation with its solutions including the latest opportunities offered by technology. İnnova provides end-to-end integrated solutions to address all information needs of the leading companies in different sectors of Turkey, including telecommunications, finance, energy, public, health, retail and service.

İnnova Digital operates in many areas, such as modern communications, data center and cloud technologies, ERP, CRM, Document and Process management, digital marketing and customer experience solutions, employee productivity applications and sectoral solutions, as well as Internet of objects (IoT), Fintech, Kiosk and Digital Signage, Advanced Business Intelligence Solutions which are required by companies.
With the technology solutions produced by local engineering in Turkey at world standards, İnnova exports to 37 countries in 4 continents today.

İnnova’s Arena Solution Received 100% Locality Approval

Arena solution of İnnova, which enables enterprises in different sectors to manage field services effectively and to gain efficiency with its innovative features, has been awarded a “Domestic Goods Certificate” by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO).

New SkywaveIoT Partner Program from İnnova

İnnova has launched the SkywaveIoT Partner Program, which will allow partners to develop new applications and integrate existing applications on the Internet of Things (IoT) platform, SkywaveIoT.
İnnova, which has implemented important projects in the technology sector in Turkey, aims to increase the value add in the field of IoT by meeting with companies operating in IoT field, new startups and manufacturers aiming to connect their machines with SkywaveIoT Partner. Using the SkywaveIoT platform, companies can easily access the expertise they need in product development, marketing and in establishment of new collaborations.

Great awards for İnnova’s great projects

First place in the IoT category for İnnova’s Smart Store Project

The Smart StoreProject, developed by İnnova for Türk Telekom, won the first prize in the “Internet of Things” category of IDC IoT, Big Data and Analytical Technology Awards. The Smart Store solution developed by İnnova using SkywaveIoT platform and Smart Merchandising application was completed and installed in more than 900 Türk Telekom stores and offices throughout the 81 provinces. Over the course of the project, more than 3,000 devices were installed and integrated with the SkywaveIoT platform. With the Smart Store solution, Türk Telekom provides remote monitoring and centralized management in stores.

İnnova is the Winner of the SAP On-Premise Highest Revenue Growth Award

Due to its success in on-premise license sales in 2017, İnnova has been awarded the SAP On-Premise Highest Revenue Growth Award among more than 20 SAP Partners.

The only company in Deloitte Fast 50 that has been growing unstop for 13 years

İnnova is the only company that has managed to be included in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Turkey program, which includes the highest performing companies in the technology sector, for a period of 13 years straight.


Mersin City Hospital

İnnova has brought together all the software required for the continuity of the Hospital Information Management System (BHYS) service of Mersin City Hospital, the first City Hospital in Turkey. The data center installation needed by the software and integration of all hardware, network and other IT infrastructure have been carried out. The operation and management of these systems will be carried out by İnnova for a period of 5 years.

Ankara City Hospital

The Hospital Information Management System (HBYS) Application and Operation services of Ankara City Hospital, which is the world’s Largest Health Complex, are carried out by İnnova. The software required for the realization of this service, the data center installation required for the operation of these, all hardware, network and other IT infrastructure, as well as the integration of this software with other systems and services, processes aimed at the operation of hardware and systems, and hundreds of data entry staff logging the operation and patient data, are provided by İnnova. The HBYS service will be provided by İnnova for a period of 5 years at Ankara City hospital, which started accepting patients in February 2019.

STP (Health Tourism Portal) Project

With the health tourism portal project implemented for the Ministry of Health as a sub-contractor of Türksat, conduct of promotion and customer relations activities of organizations serving in the field of international health tourism, provision of options that will ensure the comfort of all future international patients and patient relatives and contribution to the development of this area is aimed.

With STP, provision of information on health and tourism services such as health care institutions, prices of health care institutions, accommodation and transportation facilities for health tourism is targeted.
In this context, analysis, design, software development, testing, training, commissioning, maintenance and operation and warranty services will be provided for STP Web Application and Mobile Application.

HYP (Disease Management Platform) Project

The aim of the “Disease Management Platform”, implemented for the Ministry of Health as the sub-contractor of Türksat, the early diagnosis of chronic diseases, control of the signs and symptoms of diseases by providing treatment in accordance with the recommendations of evidence-based medical guides with periodic follow-up and prevention of individuals from experiencing functional losses and becoming disabled via follow-up of complications.

The aim of this project is to develop a disease monitoring system that can prevent the increase in burden on the health systems and economy due to the increase in the aging population and chronic diseases and ensure the sustainability of quality health services.


The platform, which was established using the infrastructure of Türk Telekom Ödeme Hizmetleri A.Ş., continues in phases. Electronic currency license application to BRSA will be processed after the completion of independent audits.

E-Invoice Projects for CarrefourSA and Aselsan

CarrefourSA, one of the important companies in retail chain sector, and Aselsan, one of the leading companies in the defense industry, and their group companies, use the e-invoice product through the PayFlex system.

Viva Kuwait Dealer Management System

A finance and dealer commission model is developed with Viva Kuwait Dealer Management System. All phases of the Project will be completed in 2019.
The Viva Kuwait Dealer Management System project mobile application was developed and use by Viva Kuwait’s employees and distributors commenced. End users can perform different transactions such as charging, and bill payment via the mobile application.

New customers added to Virtual POS Client

The Virtual POS Client product for card storage needs of insurance companies was developed and offered to the use of Güneş Sigorta, Anadolu Sigorta and Vakıf Emeklilik companies.

CIPPAYS Virtual POS Server project

CIPPAYS, which serves banks operating in Northern Cyprus, started to use the virtual POS server product. The CIPPAYS project carries the importance of being the first project where virtual POS server is sold for to a non-bank client.

Vodafone Dealer Management System

İnnova has developed a special application that can work on ÖKC (Payment Recorder Device) to optimize the sales processes of Vodafone dealers through the dealer management system it integrated with Vodafone. Service to Vodafone has commenced by undertaking the installation and operation of ÖKC in the field together with a subcontractor.

New products

Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing is an improved platform using Competitive Analysis to determine the optimal sale prices of products and services under conditions where prices can easily and frequently change. The product aims easy renewal of the prices in the e-commerce sector, which uses dynamic pricing widely, and facilitation of price renewals with the expansion of electronic price tags in the retail sector.


With PayFlex E-Reconciliation, which carries complex reconciliation processes to the electronic environment, another product has been added to the e-transformation family. In addition to mandatory notifications such as BA/BS (goods purchase/sale reconciliation), it is possible to carry out customer and reconciliations through the application.

Joint Credit Platform

The Joint Credit Platform offers customers of e-commerce sites and/or companies selling over the dealer network the opportunity to receive instant credit from different banks over a single interface. The solution for is now integrated with 5 banks.

AvioFlex Product family

AvioFlex Cabin+

Developed for the aviation sector, AvioFlex cabin+ makes it easy to manage the tasks that await cabin managers during the pre-flight, flight and post-flight stages of each route.

AvioFlex Crew Check-in

With the AvioFlex Crew Check-in product developed by İnnova for the aviation sector, flight crews can perform check-in operations via mobile devices and can display all required flight information. Thus, significant time saving is achieved in airports, especially in periods of intense air traffic.

AvioFlex Crew Duty

AvioFlex Crew Duty, developed by İnnova, allows the cabin crew to access all necessary details on flights via a web portal or a mobile device. The application greatly improves the flow of information between cabin and ground teams and helps to manage staff operations properly.

AvioFlex LIFUS Manager

With AvioFlex LIFUS Manager, the training processes of the cockpit and cabin crew, such as which instructor provided training to pilots or flight personnel and the notes of the relevant personnel are followed through this application. By managing processes in real time with the use of tablets, the efficiency of airline companies increases.

İnnova on the rise on IT 500 in the overall ranking

İnnova has been awarded a variety of awards by research companies, which follow of successful projects in Turkey and international solution partners.
İnnova was awarded the “category of Business Applications of the Year” award in the software category according to the results of the “IT 500 survey” conducted based on net sales revenues of companies operating in the IT sector in Turkey. In addition, İnnova has risen 2 places on the list of Turkey’s 500 largest IT companies according to sales revenues, reaching the 25th place as of 2018.

  • Foreign Customer Category Award from TEB to İnnova
  • IT 500 “Business Applications of the Year Category First Place
  • SAP On-Premise Highest Revenue Growth Award
  • Weeam “The Transition from the Most Successful Competition in 2017 Project” for Bilkent City Hospital
  • ”Microfocus 2017 Best New Logo Partner” Award
  • Best Innovation Project of the Last 10 Years in Europe for SEAS Project for which İnnova is Consortium Leader
  • IDC IoT category first prize for İnnova’s Smart Merchandising Project
  • 2nd place for İnnova’s PayFlex OBP Solution from PSM Awards in the “Technology Provider of the Year” category
  • Fastest growing company award in Deloitte Technology Fast 50
  • Deloitte Technology Fast 50 “Big Star” Category “Best Performing Company” Award
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