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argelaYear of Establishment: 2005

Business Segment: E-Education Content

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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With its 32 years of experience in educational technologies, SEBİT is Turkey’s leading education company with its comprehensive solutions ranging from educational content and smart measurement and evaluation to technological platforms and teachers’ training.

Solutions addressing the global transformation in education by SEBİT

With the educational solutions it has developed since its establishment in 1988 as an R&D laboratory under the roof of TÜBİTAK, SEBİT has taken on a leading role not only in Turkey but also abroad. In this context, the company develops national and international products and services that include social benefits and are tailored to the educational needs of individuals.

SEBİT leads the global transformation in education by continuously expanding its product and service portfolio with the power derived from its synergy with Türk Telekom and the innovative use of technology.

Continuing its work with its competent and creative human resources and proving its leadership with numerous awards, SEBİT is recognized as one of the best educational technology companies in the world by many international education authorities.

With its new services and products designed using mobile information and internet technologies, SEBİT aims to offer equality of opportunity and product diversity at every stage of education, as well as removing the barriers preventing students from actively participating in the learning process.

Working on national online education infrastructure

The course content, study plans, question-exam systems and the changes in the curriculum at all grade levels on the Education Informatics Network (EBA), the official portal of the Ministry of National Education, have been updated by SEBİT. Since March 2020, the need for access to live classes, which came to the forefront during the pandemic, has also been provided by SEBİT through this portal.

In order to meet the emerging need for mass use, software architecture of EBA has been parsed with functions to withstand instantaneous loads. The load reflected on the lower level hardware was reduced by processing in the upper software layers In accordance with the services requested by the user. These updates are planned to continue in the upcoming activity period, and the system will be scaled for higher number of users.

EBA Professional Development - an online professional development platform for teachers

EBA Professional Development is the official professional development portal developed by SEBİT, used by the Ministry of National Education to carry out teacher training online.

With the transition into distance learning throughout the country, a significant proportion of the trainings for teachers was offered through the professional development groups created within this platform. Functions aimed at improving efficiency were added to the portal, as well as reporting and collaboration tools. The development of the necessary functions for the transition to the “Continuous professional development” programs will also continue in the upcoming activity period.

SEBİT VCloud - supporting the educational and administrative processes of schools

SEBİT VCloud platform, which break a new ground in Turkey by moving the cooperation and sharing-based education approach to an online platform, is designed to help private schools rapidly transform their educational platform.

With the transition to distance learning during the pandemic, the “virtual classroom module” was quickly integrated into SEBİT VCloud. Thanks to the virtual classroom module and featured interaction functions, the product reveals its value as the main platform of transformation in education even after the distance learning period.  SEBİT VCloud is used by around 100 thousand students, teachers, and administrators in nearly 800 private schools.

SEBİT VCloud prevents students from being passive viewers during online education and engages them in the process with a personalized educational approach. Similarly, with SEBİT VCloud, it is possible for teachers to manage this process and create learning-oriented interactions with their students.

For both centrally managed school chains and institutions seeking to provide online professional development support, the studies of adding reporting and data analysis functions to the social learning infrastructure via VCollab, which is integrated into SEBİT VCloud, will continue during the new activity period, too. Similarly, big data analysis and reporting tools for performance improvements based on usage data and planning support for development activities with artificial intelligence techniques have also been included in the program of the upcoming period.

Raunt: the most innovative and result-oriented solution ever offered in preparation for university

Turkey’s first and only personalized university entrance exam preparation product, Raunt is a pioneering product developed by SEBİT for both institutional use by private schools and for the students at open high schools and graduate students studying on an individual basis.

Utilizing the artificial intelligence-supported infrastructure of Raunt and the data accumulated since 2015, the entire high school program from the 9th to the 12th grade has been designed for the candidates to use their time most efficiently in their studies in accordance with their goals. With a range of books from Turkey’s most long-established and experienced publishers in preparation for university and mobile application support, Raunt meets the needs of students with a single solution.

With the virtual assistant application to be developed with natural language processing and understanding technology in the upcoming activity period, it is planned to improve and scale the customer services, and then the course support services.

Ministry of National Education (MEB) Academic Support Program for university preparation

The MEB Academic Support platform has been added to the national education technology infrastructure in order to relieve pressure on the education system brought about by the transition exams between grades, announced in the MEB 2023 Vision. This platform played an important role in supporting education with online tools during the pandemic.

The MEB Academic Support, implemented by SEBİT using the technology and content generated during the development process of the Raunt product, meets both the university preparation and academic support needs of 11th and 12th grade students in public schools. The measurement and evaluation capacity of the platform will continue to grow, with the publisher ecosystem created. In addition, R&D studies into the Turkish natural language processing and response evaluation system have been initiated in order to establish an open-ended examination infrastructure.

The transformative role of new digital technologies in the design and production of educational content

Developed by SEBİT in 2000, Vitamin is Turkey’s leading online education product. SEBİT instantaneously reflects changes made to the curriculum over the years on Vitamin and offers it to the use of students and teachers with some improvements to the platform as well as to the content. Vitamin is renewed in parallel with the development of the digital information and communication technologies.

The content of Vitamin, which is made available to public schools over the EBA and private schools via SEBİT VCloud, has been included in the learning process with the Vitamin Books and they were brought into use as both digital and printed materials with a holistic educational approach. 

Meanwhile, efforts to enrich Vitamin content with a 360° video and AR/VR technologies in line with the possibilities offered by the upcoming 5G technology will continue during the upcoming activity period.

One of the other products of SEBİT in this activity period is DinamikMAT, Turkey’s first and only “smart question generation system”. With DinamikMAT students can have access to an unlimited number of examples of a problem, which measure the same knowledge and skills, in maths lessons.

Thanks to the BEACONING, a game based learning application, which is developed by SEBİT within the scope of the Horizon 2020 R&D Program and considered to be the most successful project developed by the European Commission’s Technology-Supported Education unit, a different type of educational content than the usual one has been formed.

Similarly, the VFabrika product, offering a visual programming language that is easy to use for both teachers and students, allows to create highly interactive content without the knowledge of coding. Thanks to VFabrika, the next generation e-content, which will allow students to learn by practicing and have active learning experiences, can be transformed into a structure where physical environment data from sensors can also be processed with hardware elements such as embedded electronic systems (Arduino), MicroBit and MakeBlock.

Speed-reading and time saving Hızlıgo

Online speed-reading system, Hızlıgo, which increases the speed of reading using scientific methods, has been made available for mass use with its updated new interface, enhanced personalisation features and smart tutoring system adapted to the user’s level.

In Hızlıgo, which increases the speed of reading without any loss of meaning, the texts now have a library structure prepared in appropriate length and difficulty levels for the 5th to 12th grade students and adults. In addition, aiming to save time for students in answering long paragraph questions in central examinations such as the LGS (High School Entrance Exam) and YKS (Higher Education Institutions Entrance Exam), Hızlıgo also provides the opportunity for reviewing lessons while performing eye exercises with content appropriate for the grade levels in its library and compatible with the curriculum.

Data-driven continuous improvement in national education for MEB

The School Profile Evaluation (SPE) study, which brings a data-driven approach to “school development activities” with learning and educational analytic tools, continues under the leadership of SEBİT with the contribution of MEB specialists and academics.

The studies on SPE, a web-based product for the measurement of the added value provided by schools and teachers to students and for planning the school development activities accordingly have been carried out. In this study, the “learning analytics”, “school analytics” and “educational analytics” know-how developed by SEBİT with the R&D projects within the scope of the Horizon 2020 Program was also utilized. The School Profile Evaluation product, which is still in the process of development, is currently functioning as a prototype with sample data. Planned to be launched in the near future with its real-data version, this product aims to improve the quality of education. The SPE will also support improvement processes as a decision support software for self-assessment and planning.

SEBİT’s international activities and collaborations

With innovative and effective use of technology, SEBİT is on its way to becoming one of the world’s leading companies in education technologies. The products developed by the Company are used in many countries.

Within the framework of the global sales partnership program with Microsoft, the SEBİT VCloud product was rendered “Co-Sell Ready”. Studies on product sales carried out with Microsoft are still ongoing.

A study visit was organised in February 2020 within the scope of mutual contacts between the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey and the Ministry of Education of Qatar, and SEBİT was the only company to officially be invited to this visit. Within the scope of the visit, a memorandum of understanding was signed, in which cooperation and experience sharing on topics including distance learning was included. Bilateral meetings with the Ministry of Education of Qatar and efforts to turn the potential in the country into a project are ongoing.

In addition, as a result of the meetings held with a delegation under the chairmanship of the Minister of National Education and Culture of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), it was decided to identify the needs and to start working in order for TRNC to use a system similar to EBA in the TRNC. With the cooperation agreement signed in October, SEBİT and the Ministry of National Education and Culture of the TRNC took the first step towards the implementation of EBA in the TRNC.

Marketing and sales activities in the U.S. and Canada for SEBİT’s international product, the Adaptive Curriculum (AC) continue. In response to the growing interest and competition in the internet-based education support product market during the pandemic, alternative marketing strategies will be developed for the Adaptive Curriculum product in the upcoming periods. ​

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