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Türk Telekom International

assisttAcquired: 2010

Business Segment: Wholesale and Data Capacity Provider

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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Türk Telekom International (TTI) is the Türk Telekomünikasyon A.Ş. group company responsible for international data, internet, fiber infrastructure, wholesale voice, and mobile roaming operations.

An extensive product portfolio with subsidiaries in 17 countries

With its headquarters in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, Türk Telekom International serves fixed and mobile telecommunications operators, international alternative infrastructure operators, domestic and international internet service providers and corporations in Turkey and over 40 other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Caucasus, Central and Southern Asia and the Far East. The company provides the following services:

  • Full range of internet and data communications,
  • IP Transit service,
  • Network planning and implementation,
  • Integrated network operations,
  • Fiber optic infrastructure and access,
  • International and local wholesale voice services,
  • Mobile roaming and services management,
  • International IT and telecommunication consultancy,
  • Customer management from a single center

Leading position in intercontinental telecommunications with over 45,000 km of infrastructure

With the fiber optic network backbone of over 45,000 km mainly located in Central and Eastern European countries, Türk Telekom International contributes towards Turkey’s and Türk Telekom’s goal of becoming a communication bridge and data crossroads between the European and Asian continents, and to strengthen their global positions. The company offers internet and IP services to wide array of operators and companies with 72 point-of-presence (PoP) in 22 countries.

In addition to providing communication services and products to companies and operators abroad,
TTI provides international data and Internet access to Türk Telekom with a capacity of 7.5 Terabytes per second.

With the strength derived from the Türk Telekom brand which is well-recognized not only regionally but also globally, Türk Telekom International continued to build on its strong position in 2018 through efforts undertaken to expand across Eurasia and to develop new products and services. The Company is expanding its field of activity through new cooperation projects aimed at capturing a significant share in the digitalized world and offering different products to its customers.

A vital link in communication between Asia and Europe - the underwater fiber optic cable project SEA-ME-WE-5

The new Southeast Asia-Middle East-Western Europe 5 (SEA-ME-WE 5) international underwater fiber optic cable system project is the 5th milestone of the SEA-ME-WE System. Türk Telekom International is a full member of the SEA-ME-WE-5 underwater cable consortium consisting of 19 operators that are all leaders in their fields.

The cable provides access with Marmaris Terrestrial Station to the Istanbul and Edirne border links through Türk Telekom and Türk Telekom International fiber optic networks and through the Türk Telekom International fiber networks in Europe to European PoPs. Thus, a route is created that provides fully protected backup to the SEA-ME-WE-5 Cable System passing through Mediterranean.

Cooperation works were initiated in 2018 and are planned to be stepped up in 2019, with the aim of providing the European connections of the carriers and operators in the Asian region, through the Marmaris Terrestrial Station. This work will contribute to Turkey’s positioning as a communication bridge and data crossroads between East and West.

The Trans-Eurasia Super Information Highway - TASIM studies gaining momentum

The routes that can provide the telecommunication link between Europe and Asia with the minimum latency are the routes that extend to China via Turkey terrestrially. Work being undertaken by the consortium to determine the technical and commercial details with regard to the TASIM (Trans-Eurasian Information Super Highway) route, which will reach China through Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, the Caspian Sea, and Kazakhstan, gained pace in 2018. This project will pave the way for high quality and rapid alternatives to be established between Europe and Asia. Also, connection means will be provided to the Caucasian countries, the Eastern European countries and Central Asian Turkic Republics which lack access to underwater cable systems.

Backup and diversification work at Turkey’s internet exit points and routes continue at full speed

In order to limit the impact of internet downtime arising from human error or natural disasters, the work to strengthen Türk Telekom International’s network on the border exit points continued during 2018. The technological upgrade work of the infrastructure to enable Med-Türk, the underwater cable exiting from Istanbul, to carry higher internet capacities is planned to be completed in 2019.

Turkey fast becoming an international data center of attraction with its IP products and services

In addition to the projects aimed at geographical expansion and diversification of existing routes, Türk Telekom International offered IP products to international-based service and content providers during 2018 with the aim of securing Turkey’s place as an international data center of attraction in 2018. Accordingly, companies with international content were able to reach İstanbul using Türk Telekom International infrastructure, and to host their servers at Türk Telekom International’s İstanbul Data Center. Thus, Türk Telekom customers are offered access to certain content over the internet in a much shorter time and with high speeds and capacities.

Strong and confident steps towards strategic goals with the HR transformation project

Türk Telekom International’s Human Resources transformation Project initiated in 2017 in accordance with the strategies related to

  • Long-term focus taking growth plans into account
  • Transparency in company’s priorities among management and employees
  • Customer focus strategies

was completed in 2018.

With the project, in all countries where Türk Telekom International operates, the business sizes were determined, the roles and responsibilities were clarified, a standard and simplified title and grade structure was adopted, and promotion criteria and competencies for each level was defined. In addition, company, sales and management team based competencies and performance indicators were identified.

Thanks to the project, standardization and transparency on issues such as remuneration, promotion, side benefits, trainings, career paths, will contribute to the commitment and motivation of the employees and will enable Türk Telekom International to progress towards the strategic goals with even stronger and confident steps.

Contributions to Gender Equality in Education

One of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals is Gender Equality. Gender equality is not only a right but an indispensable element of achieving a more peaceful, happy and safe society and the world.

Türk Telekom International is proud of its work to help girls continue their education with its support for UNICEF’s Equality for Boys and Girls in Education program, on behalf of its employees.​

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