Human Rights Policy

Prepared to determine the principles and rules ensuring that Türk Telekom’s relations with its employees, customers, suppliers, business partners and all stakeholders are managed with due respect for human rights,

Türk Telekom Human Rights Policy was approved by the Board of Directors and made available to the general public via the Company’s Investor Relations website.

The policy has been prepared based on the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Constitution and legislation of the Republic of Türkiye, and the International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions ratified by Türkiye, in compliance with ethical principles, embodying diversity, respect for differences and embracing a participatory approach.

Türk Telekom respects and supports the freedom of association and freedom of expression of its employees, as well as to unionisation and collective bargaining.

Türk Telekom pays maximum attention to employee rights within the scope of legal requirements.

Claims and notifications regarding any violations of human rights are evaluated within the scope of ethical violations and concluded by examining them confidentially according to the procedures and principles in the Türk Telekom Business Ethics Code. The act of an employee who reports an issue by honestly stating it, cannot be used to form a negative opinion about this employee himself/herself. In the reporting process, confidentiality rules are essential and the rights of those who report violations are protected.

Employees are required to submit a statement each year confirming that they comply with the Human Rights Policy and employees receive training every year to adopt and internalise the policy.

For the year 2022, there is no discrimination-based lawsuits that resulted against Türk Telekom.

“Human Rights Policy E-Training” has been prepared and assigned to all Company employees.