Procurement Policy

Türk Telekom Procurement Policy is establisted to determine and implement procurement strategies which will contribute to Türk Telekom’s goals, to separate all procurement decisions and processes and maintain them in accordance with the Company’s policies, to support business units in achieving their business targets, to carry out the procurement process with the most appropriate quality, price and technical performance, and to manage supplier relations in a sustainable and effective manner by developing the Türk Telekom Group ecosystems.

The procurement activities conducted by Türk Telekom and the Group Companies and the forming and controlling of standards are undertaken centrally by the Department of Support Services and Procurement Management. The Support Services and Procurement Management Assistant General Manager is responsible for the execution of the Procurement Policy and updating it when necessary.

Türk Telekom organizes both in-class and online training programs regarding procurement and supply chain management. Approximately 800 Türk Telekom employees participated in these trainings in 2022.