Occupational Health and Safety

Management of occupational health and safety, and environmental issues at Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom operates in compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law, the Environment Law and all the legislation published in line with these laws in its workplaces. The company carries out activities to prevent occupational accidents, occupational diseases and environmental accidents, to ensure that its employees continue to work in a safe and healthy work environment, and to create an occupational health and safety and environmental culture in its workplaces. Türk Telekom acts proactively to be protected from the threats and risks arising from its activities, products and services. The Company prepares and reports risk and environmental impact assessment charts within the scope of risk identification, prevention and mitigation.

Occupational health and safety boards are formed at the workplaces of the Company in order to plan and monitor occupational health and safety activities and to carry out activities for developing a general prevention policy. In addition, Türk Telekom organises competitions and trainings, announcements, visual works and various activities for employees to spread occupational health and safety culture and environmental awareness.

Türk Telekom operates within the scope of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

With the ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System it is ensured that the occupational health and safety performance is continuously improved, a better working environment for employees is created and occupational accidents are minimised. In 2021, there was one fatal accident due to a heart attack that was not caused by work, however reported as an occupational accident as it occurred during working hours.

Within the scope of the ISO 14001, the Company conducts systematic efforts to improve environmental management, reduce environmental damage and improve processes. With this approach, Türk Telekom became one of the pioneer companies that carried out many activities in order to protect its employees and public health during the pandemic, which affected the entire world and Turkey. Türk Telekom did not suffer any environmental accidents and was not issued any environmental fines in 2021.

Türk Telekom started to act in conformity with the instructions of the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the disease in all its workplaces during the pandemic and continued to implement the measures. Besides distributing disinfectants, colognes and masks to its employees in order to provide the necessary hygiene conditions, the Company undertaken numerous activities like providing online psychological support and taking physical measures, demonstrating that it is always by the side of its employees. Türk Telekom was entitled to receive the TSI (Turkish Standards Institute) Covid-19 Safe Service Certificate for its headquarters campuses thanks to its efforts during this period.

Türk Telekom provides qualified training for its employees to build a sustainable world

Since December 2011, Türk Telekom has been providing online trainings to all of its employees, covering subjects such as climate change, risks regarding the climate change and simple habits which can be changed in daily life to reduce these risks. The Company also provides in-class and remote trainings on waste management, water savings, energy efficiency and occupational health and safety legislation, as well as hygiene. In 2021, 1,884 Türk Telekom employees received in-class occupational health and safety legislation training, while 18,000 received it through e-class.

The Company organised activities in environment and occupational health and safety on June 5, World Environment Day and May 4-10, Occupational Health and Safety Week.