Waste Management

Support for sustainable development through waste management strategies

Waste management strategies, aimed at preventing the rapid consumption of natural resources and transforming waste from being a threat to the environment and human health into an input for the economy, constitute the basis of the sustainable development approach that is becoming a priority policy target on a global scale.

Türk Telekom carries out intensive work on waste management within the scope of its sustainable environment policy.

The Zero Waste project

Türk Telekom launched the Zero Waste project in Turkey with the aim of protecting its resources, controlling waste, and leaving a clean and developed Turkey and a habitable world to future generations within the framework of sustainable development principles.

Within the scope of the Zero Waste activities initiated by Türk Telekom employees who voluntarily participated in the Zero Waste project, waste was separated by type, collected and recycled.

As a result of the 2018-2019-2020 Zero Waste project, the recycling of 26 tons of glass, 340 tons of paper, 13.7 tons of metal and 77 tons of plastic waste prevented the damage to nature.

Türk Telekom prevented water pollution and contributed to biodiesel production by recycling waste oils generated as a result of its activities in 2021.

Waste management

Türk Telekom takes actions for the recycling of wastes in a manner which does not harm the environment and in accordance with the standards and methods specified in the relevant regulations, and disposal of waste if recycling is not possible.

Highlights from the results of waste management and Zero Waste projects carried out in Türk Telekom in 2020:

  • 1,092 kWh of energy was saved by recycling 26 tons of glass waste.
  • 10,795 trees were saved from being cut by recycling of 635 tons of waste paper.
  • 1,149 kg of raw materials were saved, and 83,980 kg of greenhouse gas emissions were prevented by recycling 884 tons of waste metal.
  • 32,829 barrels of oil were saved by recycling 2,014 tons of waste plastic.

Electronic waste collection campaign

Türk Telekom has obligations according to the Regulation on Waste Electrical and Electronic Goods Control.

As per the regulation, Türk Telekom collects Waste Electrical and Electronic Goods (Electronic Waste) in line with the rates determined in the relevant regulation, depending on the amount of electrical and electronic equipment it has put on to the market.

Between 2017 and 2019, more than 18 tons of electronic waste was collected and recycled through Electronic Waste Collection campaigns carried out among Türk Telekom personnel both in the general directorate and regional directorates, in cooperation with TÜBİSAD.

Türk Telekom continued to cooperate with TÜBİSAD in electronic waste management and fulfilled its legal obligations in the following years. Revenue generated from collected waste contributed to the qualified education of 55 children, and some electronic waste was used in the electronic workshop trainings organised for gifted children. Türk Telekom gave bicycles to the employees who collected the largest amount of waste during the electronic waste collection campaign in order to support a healthy life.

In the electronic waste management, Türk Telekom presses ahead with its efforts to fulfil its obligations as per the regulation in cooperation with TÜBİSAD.