Water Management

Water use and optimisation at Türk Telekom

Within the framework of its sustainability approach, Türk Telekom places emphasis to the planned and controlled use of water resources, which are of critical importance for the sustainability of the environment and human life.

Türk Telekom receives the water used for the basic needs of employees in the buildings that are actively used, not directly from the source, but through the city grid and regularly reports its water consumption on an annual basis.

The Company adopts proactive approaches in water management in order to reduce the amount of water required for the uninterrupted continuation of its services and to recycle wastewater. For efficient use of water, it implements environmental practices such as smart irrigation systems, photocell batteries, grey water systems, rainwater collection units, and evaluates the solutions proposed for global sustainability in new projects. Moreover, the Company also aims to reduce water consumption by decreasing the number of locations where water is consumed through building centralisation efforts.

The decrease in precipitation due to climate change makes it necessary to use water resources more efficiently. Türk Telekom shared several visual and written content in 2022 to increase the awareness of employees about water consumption. After the pandemic in 2020, the amount of water used in the offices decreased significantly with the remote working model applied in Türk Telekom.

Türk Telekom has been reporting its water consumption since 2016. Water consumption, which showed a downward trend, was 940 thousand m3 per year in 2016, and decreased to 441 thousand m3 in 2022, coming down by more than 53% over the years.

As Türk Telekom, we meet our water needs entirely from the municipal water network in our working areas, and there is no water withdrawal from any other natural source.