Electricity Use and Management

Electricity use and management in Türk Telekom

Türk Telekom reduced its electricity consumption by 3% YoY in 2022, thanks to its efficiency-oriented investment and operation policy in effect for many years. In addition, in 2022, it implemented efficiency and optimisation projects with an annual impact of 81 million kWh energy savings. Thanks to these projects, the Company managed to save energy and reduce its energy consumption compared to the previous year, in the face of the increasing number of customers, bandwidth and data centre investments.

Türk Telekom has implemented many projects in energy efficiency and renewable energy in 2022

Aware of the impact of high energy consumption on society and the environment, Türk Telekom cares for investments and studies in energy efficiency and renewable energy in order to ensure more efficient use of energy resources, to expand the use of renewable energy resources and to reduce the negative impact on the environment.

Türk Telekom increased the total power of its eco-friendly green power plants by 60% to 4 MW

Continuing its investments and optimisation efforts in energy efficiency by systematically reducing its carbon emissions, Türk Telekom installed another 1.5 MW solar energy system last year. By doing so, on top of preventing 1,250 tons of carbon emissions, the Company has also achieved its goal of increasing its solar power generation capacity by 60% in 2022, earlier than originally planned 2023.

Thus, increasing the total installed power of renewable energy systems to 4 MW, Türk Telekom will prevent approximately 3,335 tons of carbon emissions annually.