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Year of Establishment: 1999

Business Segment: IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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İnnova, one of Türkiye's leading information technologies companies, distinguishes itself in customers' digital transformation projects at every step from planning to implementation, with innovative products and solutions developed on the back of its strong R&D know-how.

İnnova’s innovative digital transformation solutions add value to organisations

Founded in 1999 and continuing its path as a wholly owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom since 2007, İnnova elevates the customer experience to the highest level by providing end to end information technology solutions with the vision of guiding the needs of the industry and customers.

With a team of 1,265 experts, İnnova continues its activities in 12 support offices across Türkiye, in addition to its headquarters in İstanbul and Ankara. The company offers its fintech solutions under PayFlex, internet of things solutions under SkywaveIoT, administrative and legal receivable tracking solutions under LEGA, aviation solutions under AvioFlex, healthcare technology solutions under HICAMP and network management and monitoring solutions under Network 360 brands. Offering a wide range of solutions with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Robotic Process Automation as a Service (RaaS), E-Business, Document Management, service quality management tool NOVA, İnnova also provides managed services, outsourcing services and consultancy services. Offering hardware, kiosk and digital signature and infrastructure services on the system integration side, the company uses SAP, business intelligence, CRM, IT governance and project management solutions in third-party products and services.

İnnova's global growth continues on four continents

Exporting the products and solutions it has developed to 37 countries on four continents, İnnova contributes to the country's advancement of technology production and the global recognition of the technology produced by competent technical experts.


New Projects

SkywaveIoT Smart Factory Solutions

İnnova infrastructure project was developed to enable IoT integration into the production facility of KPA Aerospace within the scope of smart factories. The objective is to provide value-added services with the upcoming SkywaveIoT Platform by utilizing the hardware set up to collect data from all objects operating in the field.

Mobility as a Service (MaaS) Platform

With this first in kind project in Türkiye, initiated by the PTT Technology and İnnova Consortium and supported by the Transport Maritime Communication Research Centre of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, different types of transportation, such as public transportation vehicles of local governments, private public transportation vehicles, urban micro-mobility solutions, intercity transportation vehicles, private vehicles and pedestrian journeys, are integrated on a single platform. A MaaS Platform, which will offer alternatives for instant or future trips, taking into account factors such as comfort, duration and cost as per the transportation demands of users, is being developed to meet the needs in end to end planning, booking, payment and rental.

Otokoç PayFlex OKP Project

Otokoç Otomotiv conducts all credit usage processes in leasing, maintenance and parts-sales through the İnnova PayFlex Joint Credit Platform.

CarrefourSA e-Business Project

The e-Invoice, e-Archive and e-Waybill transition process has been initiated in 2022 for 140 franchise dealers of CarrefourSA, an existing e-Business customer of İnnova. The project aims to consolidate all e-Business solutions for CarrefourSA and its dealers into a single source, and is expected to be completed within a year.

Ongoing Projects


İnnova provides services to 140 prisons with 9,400 devices under the Smart Technologies in Prisons Project (ACEP). Within the scope of the project, various activities such as payment integration update, development of person detection learning algorithms, commissioning of the canteen module, improvement of field monitoring operations, commissioning of field ticket management application, encryption of interview records defining mobile application security requirements, enhancing the monitoring screen and developing the e-doctor module were carried out in 2022.

Establishment of İnnova Robot Base and RaaS Operation Centre

With its technical background, İnnova prepared RaaS solutions that consist of service and operation processes to be offer at Robot Base and Robot Operations Centre. While the company is structuring its RaaS solutions to serve all corporate and SME customer segments of Türk Telekom Group, it continues its P&D process and improves its service structure day by day in order to offer ready-made robots to its customers with the digital assistant market structure over the SaaS Platform.

RPA Transformation at Türk Telekom

İnnova conducted many robotic process automation projects in line with the needs of various departments of Türk Telekom including accounting, human resources, call centre and more in order to automate the routine tasks and reduce the operational workload.

PayFlex e-Waybill

İnnova started redesigning the e-Business infrastructure for the widespread adoption of PayFlex e-Business solutions in the market and increasing operational capacity. The company has completed the infrastructure development process primarily for e-Waybill. All e-Waybill processes of Vodafone Türkiye will be managed by İnnova.

Modernisation and Relocation of the Information Technologies Infrastructure of the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre

İnnova aimed to modernise the hardware and software in the data centre used by the General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadastre, by relocating the systems used in the old data centre to the new one. The company will carry out all the operations for the integration of the primary data centre, which will be established in Ankara Oran and the Disaster Recovery Centre located in Yozgat, which will be modernised.

Infrastructure Energy Project of Gallipoli Historic Site Directorate of Çanakkale Wars, Ministry of Culture and Tourism

İnnova has completed 85% of the project by installing 20,750 metres of medium voltage cable and 7 thousand metres of fibre cable as part of the electricity and fibre infrastructure project in the Gallipoli Historic Site of the Çanakkale Wars.

Technology Upgrade Project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism

İnnova has completed the network upgrade project at 1,500 provincial and district libraries affiliated to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The company provided internet access by installing new devices in libraries.

Completed Projects in 2022

Virtual POS Server

İnnova has added Şekerbank to the list of banks it already serves including Akbank, VakıfBank, Ziraat Bankası and İş Bankası, with PayFlex Virtual POS. PayFlex Virtual POS provides end to end management of online collection processes, enabling simple completion of processes like member business integration, collection via credit and debit cards.

Türk Telekom Dealer Dashboard

With the Smart Store Project, which was implemented with the installation of 5 thousand devices in Türk Telekom stores located at more than 1,100 points, İnnova commissioned the in-store people counting, personnel tracking system, smart signage lighting management, in-store analytics and charging station components.

Data Centre Optimisation Project of Ministry of National Education, General Directorate of Information Technologies

İnnova established a hyper-integrated infrastructure in the Ministry Data Centre and the Disaster Recovery Centre, and made the software components within the institution usable by integrating them into the existing structure. The company aims to provide better services to approximately 1.2 million teachers and 15.9 million students who benefit from the institution's services, as well as to other institutions with which the Ministry shares information.

Çanakkale 18 Mart Bridge LEGA Project

Within the scope of the agreement made for Çanakkale 18 Mart Bridge, which was completed and opened to service in 2022, bridge-passage violations, payment follow-up processes and collection acceptance before legal action, preparation for the legal actions with data enrichment, initiation of the legal process, and the management of all enforcement/ litigation processes in the legal operations are managed over LEGA.

Corporate Solutions TTVPN Project

İnnova completed the installation of 1,900 routers for 150 corporate customers in the TTVPN Project carried out in collaboration with Türk Telekom.

Credit and Dormitories Institution (KYK) WiFi Infrastructure Project

İnnova provided infrastructure and WiFi-based uninterrupted internet broadcasting to 174 dormitories within the scope of KYK WiFi Infrastructure Project.

Gendarmerie Network Upgrade Project

İnnova completed the renewal project of 2,500 routers and 6,200 switches at 2,500 gendarmerie points in Türkiye's 81 provinces. The project has increased the communication speed of the gendarmerie and has provided uninterrupted operations.

İnnova's performance in 2022 was deemed worthy of prestigious awards

Four first-place awards from Bilişim 500 to İnnova

İnnova won the first-place in the ERP Software, Business Applications, Network Hardware and Consulting subcategories of the System Integrator and Business Partner main category. The company moved one step up to the 23rd place in the Bilişim 500 overall ranking.

Big Star Award from Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Türkiye

According to the results of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Türkiye Programme, which was prepared based on the data of 2021, İnnova won the Big Star Award known as the Big League.

Gold Award at Brandon Hall Excellence Awards

İnnova won the gold award in the "Best Programme to Improve Individual Development Planning" category at the Brandon Hall Excellence Awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the education and development sector, with the "Lead Future" project designed for the needs and demands of the leaders.

Awards won by İnnova from its business partners

  • Dell Technologies "Special Project” award
  • Forcepoint “Best Public Project" award
  • Fortinet "MSSP Partner of the Year” award
  • Huawei “Best Marketing Partner of 2021” award
  • Huawei “Top Partner of HCIE" award
  • Microfocus “Big Data Project of the Year” award