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Year of Establishment: 1999

Business Segment: IT Consulting Products and Services

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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In a constantly evolving and highly competitive environment, İnnova offers services that effectively meet the needs of its customers, with a wide range of information technology solutions.

Local technology solutions along the digital transformation journey

One of Türkiye’s pioneering information technology companies, İnnova Bilişim Çözümleri A.Ş., has been providing its customers competitive, cost and profitability advantages in their digital transformation journeys with the innovative solutions it has offered since its foundation in 1999. In line with its vision of guiding the needs of the industry and customers, İnnova offers end to end information technology solutions and brings the customer experience to the highest level.

Being a 100% owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom since 2007, İnnova is building up strength by expanding through its investments in new business lines. The Company executes its operations through head offices located in İstanbul and Ankara, and 12 support offices, with its expert team of more than 1,300 people. Continuously investing in its qualified personnel, İnnova pays remarkable attention to its employees to hold the latest technology certifications.

İnnova provides telecommunications, finance, banking, insurance, retail, energy, automotive, production and other services in the private sector. The Company operates in health, education, transportation, security and infrastructure in the public sector.

Based on its ample capabilities in artificial intelligence technologies, big data, data analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and fintech, İnnova provides services under the following brands:

  • PayFlex İnnova, for fintech solutions such as payment, loyalty and collection,
  • SkywaveIoT, for internet of things,
  • LEGA and ATS, in administrative and legal receivables follow-up,
  • HERMES, for the end to end fault request management,
  • Network 360, for network management and monitoring.

Moreover, the Company offers a wide range of end to end solutions through Biometric Signature, E-Solution, Document Management, Treasury Portal, Portal Management, Arena and Nova. İnnova also administers manageable services, outsourcing and consultancy services along with local and national product software. İnnova uses SAP, business intelligence, CRM, IT governance, RPA and project management solutions for third-party products and services while providing hardware, kiosk & digital signature and infrastructure services on the system integration side.

İnnova continues to maintain a strong presence abroad

İnnova makes a significant contribution to Türkiye’s national technology movement with its technology solutions that are 100% locally and nationally engineered products. İnnova maintains its strong presence abroad with its projects in Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Algeria, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and its kiosks in Greece through exporting its products and services to 37 countries in 4 continents to date.

Highlighted Projects

Network 360, network management system

Network 360, with its domestic network management system, enables customers to monitor the instant status of devices covered in the network by scanning their status and create an alarm or actions towards malfunction accordingly. Its ability to find the topology based root cause in complex-wide network structures enables detecting malfunctions in the right location and device and field teams to be informed instantly. Currently, in 5 institutions, about 150 thousand devices are monitored by Network 360.


Hermes is a software product developed by İnnova, where customers can manage requests and malfunctions within their companies. Hermes uses the specified workflow model of the companies to organise its responses to the open malfunction notifications or requests created by stakeholders and users. The malfunction notification and requests can be tracked through the process since they are identifed in Hermes by the needed actions and duration, responsible party or team.

The SkywaveIoT Platform

İnnova developed the SkywaveIoT Platform to digitise the processes needed by the manufacturing industry with Industry 4.0, monitor the production environment, and take preventive and regulatory autonomous actions. The platform meets the end to end requirements of corporate customers and provides infrastructure, products and solutions.

Biometric Signature

İnnova’s biometric signature solution Bioiz brings considerable savings and security advantages to all sectors working with signature-intensive processes. Bioiz eliminates the need to sign hard copies of digital documents, to scan them for archiving and to send wet ink signed documents.

RPA Transformation at Türk Telekom

Many robotic processes were implemented in fulfilment of the needs of different units at Türk Telekom such as accounting, human resources and call centre, to reduce the operational workload by automation of repetitive and time-consuming tasks. Accordingly, with the support of the İnnova RPA team, solutions are offered for different demands, such as automation of BA/BS forms, prioritisation of pending service requests for customer representatives, restoration of direct transaction routes, and automation of IP detection requests from judicial authorities.


LEGA LEGA, a computerised legal process tool with the ability of debt collection through enforcement, meets the needs of corporate customers in different sectors such as telecommunications, insurance, energy distribution and highway/bridge management. Within the scope of the agreement made for Çanakkale 18 Mart Bridge, which will be completed and put into service in 2022, bridge passage violations, payment follow-up processes and collection acceptance before legal action, preparation for the legal actions with data enrichment, initiation of the legal process, and the management of all enforcement/ litigation processes in the legal operations were designed through LEGA.

MNG Kargo Smart Cabin Data Centre Solution

With the goal of consistency and high quality in customer services, the old infrastructure of MNG Kargo has been modernised with an innovative data centre solution. Thanks to the new service model, high cost and increased malfunction response time caused by operation and maintenance personnel having to travel in the field were prevented.

Halkbank Q-matic Project

To contribute to Halkbank’s in-branch digital transformation, the Q-matic devices in one thousand branches across Türkiye were replaced and the devices were managed.

Valeo Managed Service Project

Management, installation and problem detection of Valeo Otomotiv’s system and network equipment are conducted. Services such as system and network monitoring, on-site intervention and consultancy are also provided by İnnova experts.


ACEP (Integration of Smart Technologies in Prisons Project), aims to place kiosks in the wards to meet specific individual needs of the prison inmates and maintain operational processes in prisons and detention houses, allowing these processes to be continued without prison personnel. Thanks to the use of kiosks, prison inmates will be able to make video calls with their relatives, canteen shopping and e-doctor arrangements without leaving the ward.

Türk Telekom Collaboration Tool

Türk Telekom Collaboration Tool (Domestic Online Meeting and File Sharing Application) is an application developed for Türk Telekom within the scope of POC (Proof of Concept), where users can use video conferencing, file sharing and instant messaging functions.


SporcuyuzBiz is a website and mobile application for the Ministry of Youth and Sports. End users can get information about the ministry and national athletes can follow their license processes, calendar and federation activities.

Yeşilay IT Consultancy

İnnova provides system, software and process consultancy services to Yeşilay to manage the existing IT structure more effectively, tech-based and healthy.

Pusula SaaS Project

İnnova technical teams developed the İnnova SaaS Platform with the SaaS (Software as a Service) project, one of the new business areas to be included in the Company’s future portfolio. It is aimed to offer the software as a service to customers in the SME and corporate segments by positioning horizontal and vertical sectoral solutions on the platform.

Cyber Security Projects

Türk Telekom and İnnova are working on the strategy of joint product development and sales channel creation in areas such as cyber threat and intelligence in the corporate market, UTM (Unified Threat Management), EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response), EPP (End Point Protection), MDM (Mobile Device Management).

Reputable organisations awarded İnnova’s performance in 2021

İnnova won four awards from Bilişim 500

According to the 2021 results of the survey conducted based on annual sales revenues of companies operating in the IT sector in Türkiye, İnnova won the first-place award in the ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software, Business Applications, Network Hardware and Consultancy, sub-categories of System Integrator and Business Partner. The Company maintained its position in 24th place (based on sales revenues) on the Bilişim 500 overall ranking, amongst the leading technology companies.

Big Star Award from Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Türkiye

According to the results of the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Türkiye Program, which is based on the data of 2020, İnnova won the Big Star Award, aka the Big League.

Runner-up prize to the Hayat Eve Sığar application in the category of “Mobile Application of the Year” at the Webrazzi Awards

In the Webrazzi Awards 2020, which was determined by the votes of Webrazzi readers, Hayat Eve Sığar (Life Fits Home-HES) application passed the nomination process and qualified for the top 3. It was awarded second place after Instagram with the votes of 28 thousand 536 people.

Silver Sardis Award to PayFlex OKP from Sardis, where the best-of-finance compete

At the Sardis Awards, where the most innovative projects of the finance sector are evaluated, PayFlex OKP (Joint Credit Platform) won the Silver Sardis award in the Financial Technology Companies category of the Customer Experience and Interaction section.

Awards received by İnnova from its business partners

  • Big Project Sales Partner and Consistent Leading Sales Partner Award at Huawei Türkiye Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021
  • SD-WAN Partner of the Year 2020 Award at Fortinet Partner Synergy 2021 Türkiye event
  • Rising Star Award of the Year 2020 at the Partner Meeting 2021 event held by McAfee
  • Pure Storage Türkiye Business Partner of the Year Award thanks to the successful projects realised with Pure Storage in 2020
  • Special Project of the Year Award at the Partner Summit Türkiye 2021 event held by Veeam on March 16
  • 2020 Solution Sales Elite Award at the Partner Kick-Off event held by H3C on March 10