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Year of Establishment: 2007

Business Segment: Customer services and call center

Türk Telekom share: 100%

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Customer experience expert AssisTT offers sector-specific technological solutions and aims to provide its customers a unique experience by creating added value with its 15 years of know-how and strong infrastructure.

As the customer experience company of Türk Telekom, AssisTT has integrated the state-of-the-art technologies into its structure, operating with a human-oriented approach since its establishment in 2007. The Company offers multi-channel solutions to leading sectors in the fields of call centre, sales-marketing, face-to-face service, outsourcing, social media management and revenue management.

AssisTT, which provides strategic companionship to its customers in various sectors from media and logistics to health and telecommunications, displayed a rapid growth especially in e-commerce and banking sectors in 2021.

End to end excellent customer experience

Proceeding with the goal of becoming a technologyproducing company in the call centre sector, AssisTT continues its investments in infrastructure virtualisation and simplification by highlighting IVR (Interactive Voice Response), robotic automation, speech analysis, written channel service (chatbot) and social media management applications.

Among the most important investments of AssisTT in the recent period are data analytics, smart monitoring systems, RPA and studies to establish information technology infrastructures and processes that minimise human intervention called No-Touch Operation.

The first Call Centre School of the sector develops rapidly

AssisTT contributes to the competent human resources of Türkiye by presenting its knowledge and experience to the sector through the Call Centre School that it implemented in 2019. In this context, providing training to industry professionals, students of call centre departments of universities, and anyone interested in the industry, the Company offers internship and job opportunities in addition to theoretical education. The number of people who have received training at the AssisTT Call Centre School has reached 1,760.

Türk Telekom DönüşüMM project

AssisTT implemented the Türk Telekom DönüşüMM (Transformation) project in order to improve and transform human resources processes, technological infrastructure, operational development, process and project management. Seeking to take customer satisfaction to the highest level with this project, AssisTT aims to ensure the continuity of human resources, its most important value, and to reduce the workforce turnover rate of experienced and high performing teams.

Since the launch of Türk Telekom DönüşüMM project, the received calls have decreased by 15% in home internet operations, 18% in home fixed voice operations and 8% in mobile operations. The improvement in the workforce turnover rate of experienced and high performing teams was 8.5%.

A new interpretation of remote working: Free Working Model (Özgür Çalışma Modeli)

AssisTT implemented the next generation Free Working Model by redesigning its business processes and working models. The Company provides remote, part-time and flexible working opportunities for new employees, especially university students, housewives and disabled individuals as well as the call centre employees. With the remote working model, individuals have the opportunity to easily devote time to their other responsibilities by working 4-5 hours a day in their preferred time zones, regardless of their location.

AssisTT continues to create employment

Providing a wide range of services to the brands it cooperates with through its over 14 thousand employees in 22 provinces, AssisTT continues to create employment with a view to contributing to the Turkish economy. The Company, which created nearly 6 thousand new jobs in 2021 compared to the previous year, has a female employee ratio of 69%.

AssisTT is once again on the Türkiye’s Best Workplaces list

With its investments in employee experience, AssisTT managed to meet the criteria of Great Place to Work with a high trust culture in 2021 as well. Increasing its loyalty score by 9 points compared to last year, the Company was awarded the Great Place to Work certificate for the third time. AssisTT also achieved another remarkable success by being included in the Türkiye’s Best Workplaces list in the category of 5,000+ employees for the first time this year.

More than an employee experience journey

Having identified employee experience as one of its strategic priorities, AssisTT launched its employer value proposition with the aim of creating a work culture where employees can put their efforts forward with dedication and happiness. AssisTT built its value proposition with the motto of “more than” on foundations such as success, happiness, development and future.

The projects are crowned with national and international awards

AssisTT won the gold award in the Best Competence and Skill Development category at the 2021 Brandon Hall Excellence Awards with its Call Centre School project. At the Stevie Awards for Great Employers, the Company won a bronze award in the Most Innovative Use of HR Technology category with its Online Interview Base project. In addition, AssisTT was awarded the first prise in the category of Outsourcing Service of the Year at the 500 Bilişim Company Research Award, organised by BThaber.