TT Ventures Proje Geliştirme A.Ş.

TT Ventures Proje Geliştirme A.Ş. | TT Investor Relations

Year of Establishment: 2018​

Business Segment: Corporate Venture Capital

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

Web Site:​​​​

TT Ventures Proje Geliştirme A.Ş. was established as a wholly owned subsidiary of Türk Telekom Group in February 2018 in order to support the core activities of early / mid stage startups which have high growth potential in sectors that have synergies with the telecommunications sector; and create value from their growth via direct cash and/or equity in-kind investments in such startups.


The strategy is to develop various projects to contribute to the growth of early / mid stage startups by helping them to realize their long-term business goals, thereby creating value for both the entrepreneurs and the Turkish economy.


The mission is to become Türkiye’s leading Corporate Venture Capital Company by making investments with special methods specific to each venture.

Focus Areas

TT Ventures focuses on investments that will create additional value in companies that have synergies with Türk Telekom’s core operations and that develop unique technologies for mass segments.

Investment Strategy

TT Ventures' main investment strategy is to create sustainable equity value by prioritizing investment in startups, which have synergies with Türk Telekom’s core operations, have high growth potential, target to grow their business and have public listing and support these companies with flexible methods.

TT Ventures focuses on investments which it may contribute capital in kind to create additional value with mutual benefits. Investing in companies that develops unique products and / or services that can reach mass segments in sectors such as Health, Energy and Education is targeted.

Investment Model

TT Ventures aims to support the core activities of early / mid stage startups and create value in ventures that need capital for growth in unique solutions for such startups via direct cash and / or preferably equity in-kind investments.

TT Ventures prefers equity in-kind investment strategy by using mostly non-cash internal resources in its commercial expertise areas and targets to contribute to startups using this unique investment method.

An equity stake in startups via a ratio taking into account the contributions made by TT Ventures’ own internal resources in these startups is targeted.



Virasoft Software Inc. is a software company that provides diagnostic support in the field of digital pathology, quantitative image analysis, case management applications, pathology training set, and telepathology services.


Mentalup offers personalised educational intelligent games services for children.


Eltemtek provides engineering, project and consultancy services in critical energy infrastructure projects to Türkiye's leading private and public institutions.


Türkiye's most innovative application developer

Doctor Turkey

Doctor Turkey is the first video consultation service in Türkiye which allows the patients to communicate 24/7 with health personnel.


Syntonym offers a "Synthetic Data Anonymization" solution for visual data collection and processing.


Adaptive learning solution that takes customer and event actions data to create actionable insights for optimised marketing results.


New generation route optimisation


Cloud-based analytics software for in-home Wi-Fi service performance monitoring.


Earnado offers a digital marketing system which creates marketing decisions via algoritms then able to realise needed marketing activites by automation and online professionals.


It is a business-specific workflow solution platform with artificial intelligence.


It is a solution that enables competitive analysis and advertising targeting and data processing with location information.


It digitalises pattern and texture design processes in fashion, textiles and gaming sector.