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Year of Establishment: 2005

Business Segment: E-Education Content

Türk Telekom Share: 100%

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SEBİT, one of Türkiye’s leading education companies with 34 years of R&D experience, contributes to the global transformation in education by providing students, teachers and administrators multidimensional learning environments that offer the competencies of the 21st century.

Leading education solutions by SEBİT

With the educational solutions it has developed since its establishment as an R&D laboratory under the roof of TÜBİTAK in 1988, SEBİT has taken a pioneering role both domestically and internationally. The company develops national and international products and services by focusing on social benefits and the individuals’ educational needs with the education approach of 21st century. The company, which benefits from the synergy created with Türk Telekom, unceasingly develops and diversifies its product and service portfolio with innovative technology usage. The company is recognised as one of the best educational technology companies in the world by many international education authorities.

SEBİT VCloud, forming the academic backbone of schools

SEBİT VCloud Platform, which broke a new ground in Türkiye by bringing the education approach based on collaboration and sharing to online, involves students in the process with a personalised education approach rather than leaving them as passive observers in the online learning environment. The platform enables teachers to manage the process and establish learning-oriented interactions with their students. Thanks to its virtual classroom module and interaction functions, the Platform has also demonstrated its value by contributing to the transformation in education along with hybrid education and training after the pandemic.

SEBİT VCloud Platform is being used by approximately 105 thousand students, teachers and administrators in around 750 private schools. The platform is supported by functions such as social learning infrastructure, measurement and evaluation, content management, reporting and data analysis.

Raunt: AI-powered preparation solution for the university exam

Raunt, Türkiye's first and only personalised university exam preparation solution developed by SEBİT, is a pioneering solution for both private schools’ corporate use and students who prepare individually. The entire high school programme, from the 9th to the 12th grade, was designed by utilising Raunt's artificial intelligence-supported infrastructure and the data accumulated through its usage since 2015. Raunt aims to help candidates efficiently use their time to study in line with their goals. Raunt offers mobile application support as well as Türkiye's most long-established and experienced publishers’ books for university exam preparation.

Vitamin LGS, to prepare for the High School Entrance Exam

The measurement-evaluation infrastructure and functions developed in Vitamin LGS, which has a design aimed at enhancing students’ focus and discipline in their final year of secondary school, enabled the design and development of the exam preparation software. The beta version of the solution, which was used both individually and institutionally in the 2022-2023 academic year, is planned to be finalised in 2023 with additional improvements.

Ministry of National Education (MEB) Academic Support Programme integrated into the national educational technology infrastructure

The MEB Academic Support Platform, implemented by SEBİT, has been integrated into the national education technology infrastructure in order to alleviate the pressure of inter-level transition exams on the education system, as stated in the MEB 2023 Vision. The Platform meets the academic support needs of students preparing for university exam in public schools as a whole. The company continues its efforts to increase the measurement and evaluation capacity of the Platform with the ecosystem it has created.

Nationwide support for hybrid education with EBA

SEBİT updates all class levels' course contents, study plans, question-exam systems and curricula on the Ministry of National Education portal EBA (Education Informatics Network). Through this portal, the company continues to meet the need for accessing online classes, which have become prominent with the pandemic since March 2020. With the reopening of schools for face-to-face education and training, EBA has turned into a structure that supports hybrid education.

Innovative training solutions for diverse educational needs

SEBİT is renewing Vitamin, Türkiye's leading online education solution, in parallel with the development of digital information and communication technologies. The company makes Vitamin content available to public and private schools, by incorporating Vitamin Books into the learning process, and making it available both in digital and printed forms. On the other hand, the project of enriching Vitamin contents with 360° video and AR/VR features, enabled by the upcoming 5G technology, is persistently progressing at an accelerated pace. The company is also conducting R&D endeavours aimed at providing education in areas that pose some danger for adults.

Thanks to DinamikMAT, Türkiye's first and only smart question generation system, students can access unlimited number of examples of a question in a mathematics subject that measure the same knowledge and skills.

VFabrika, comprising of next-generation e-contents that offer users an engaging learning experience, enables creation of highly interactive content without the requirement of coding knowledge.

SEBİT has started R&D studies to develop digital education tools for 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade students with an innovative approach. As the target age group predominantly exhibits the characteristics of play-age children, the company plans to create a product that caters specifically to this requirement.

Selçuklu Autistic Individuals Education Foundation (SOBE), which provides educational services to individuals with autism, is working on technology-based solutions together with SEBİT and Türk Telekom's another subsidiary İnnova with the aim of supporting more families and children. In this context, a solution is being designed for the education of individuals with autism, using voice and image recognition technologies to interact with the individual, provide feedback, and track their development. The effectiveness and benefits of the solution will be evaluated based on pilot studies conducted in 2023, and its dissemination in the national and international market will be assessed accordingly.

HızlıGO increases comprehensive reading speed

SEBİT has enhanced the user experience of HızlıGo, which increases the reading speed with scientific methods without causing loss of meaning and improves attention, focus and concentration skills. The company added to HızlıGo, a goal setting and tracking feature, the training programs consisting of target-oriented steps, a calendar structure that updates the user at every step, and a participation certificate while renewing the interface of HızlıGo. Furthermore, HızlıGo, which has a mobile application prepared, can now be accessed from anywhere.

Data-based decision support and improvement in education

SEBİT had implemented an internet-based SPE (School Profile Evaluation) study to measure added value provided by schools and teachers to students and to plan school improvement activities accordingly. The company addressed SPE to be able to work through SEBİT VCloud for use in private schools. At the same time, as a result of the work conducted with Amazon Web Services (AWS), AWS AI/ML cloud services are now used in SPE’s modelling studies. With the use of cloud-based AI/ML services, a study was conducted on question similarity; hence, comparing any question with the questions in the Raunt question pool became extremely fast. The developed feature will be productised in 2023.

SEBİT’s activities on a global scale

The solutions developed by SEBİT through innovative and effective use of technology are being used in many countries. While the global-scale sales partnership works continue with Microsoft, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) MEB EBA Platform proceed its activities as well. Moreover, efforts continue on the use of SEBİT's products and services in Qatar and Uzbekistan.

In 2022, a project has been started in Rwanda with a local company using SEBİT’s Adaptive Curriculum content library, aiming to provide educational services through a mobile application in the local market.